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Suddenly it was winter. This year, summer had pushed its way well through into autumn. But also suddenly it was June 1, and winter said move over I’m here now. Its announcement was a reminder to get some of those seasonal jobs done. It was also time to think about some winter warmers to make sure we stay nice and snug.

Among the winter warmers are the little jobs that need to be done. Some of the practical things like putting up some firewood as well as getting the chimney swept. It was also time to alter the setting on the air-conditioning from cooling to heating. Likewise to change the bedding to something warmer. Giving the house an extra clean from top to bottom. Moreover, it really is a good idea to do this seasonally, not just in spring.

Attending to almost forgotten crystals

So now it was also time to give some attention to those almost forgotten crystals; The ones that have been standing sentinel around the place; protecting us from unwanted energies and intruders of all kinds; as well as those that have been looking out for us by sharing their energies to keep us upbeat, healthy, wealthy and wise.   

Many of us will have some sort of a variation on this. The biggish crystal set by the front door to welcome guests with a loving and inviting energy. Those crystals placed in the corners to create a protective grid. The EMF protectors in front of the computer screen. The little fellows standing guard over the windows. Let’s not forget the ones hiding under the bed, which are there for a myriad of reasons. The guard in the letterbox tasked with keeping unwanted stuff at bay. Those hard-working and suffering crystals in the meter box. You can be fairly sure they would appreciate a changing of the guard also.  And don’t forget the crystal hanging out in the console of the car; it has the job of ensuring it runs smoothly and safely. 


Some Winter Warmer Crystals

Also, I had a thought. What crystals could be considered winter warmers?  I’m sure with a little bit of deliberation and imagination you could come up with some. A couple of crystals that you could set about the place; or carry around that could share their energy and also keep you warm. I thought I might give Sunstone and Strombolite a go. Or maybe Smokey Quartz and Fire Agate, or perhaps Citrine and Garnet.

Check through the list of crystals in our shop and see what you can come up with for yourself. We would love to hear about what you tried and also how it worked out for you.  



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