Winter Warmer Tips With Crystals.


Where we are in Queensland, the winters are usually mild in comparison to lots of other locations. We mostly get to enjoy warm sunny days followed by cold and usually clear nights. So we also get to sleep under a blanket of stars. This year, however, it’s unusually wet along with a few colder than normal cold snaps. We can definitely use some winter warmer ideas. Even so, it’s great to be able to sit and bask in the sun for a morning cuppa most mornings. And better yet, to huddle around the fireplace in the evening. There’s something primitive, also comforting and yet quite inexplicable about sitting in front of a fire and allowing the flames to capture and mesmerize you. And of course, the fire radiates out to warmth into the room.

Using Winter Warmer Crystals.

If you partake in a beverage to ward off the winter chills, you might like to try this mixing twist; take any one of the tumbled stones that seem to you to be warming, make sure it’s clean and not toxic and put it into your drink. This is a very unique way to bring some extra warmth into your body, put a little extra zing into your drink and get some free healing energy to boot. I know this is obvious, but make sure you don’t swallow the stone. Scotch, water and Red Tiger Eye is one of my favourites. Sue likes a toddy, usually with rum instead of whisky, with a Garnet.

You can also warm the winter chill by bringing warm golds and yellows into your environment. Crystals such as Citrine, Chrysoberyl, Tiger Eye, Goldstone, and Golden Calcite can bring their warmth to help counter the coldness of winter. If money is not a concern, then maybe go to a jeweller and buy some gem-quality stones set in gold. You can then wear them to overcome the winter blues. A yellow diamond would be particularly good for this. (I hope Sue doesn’t read this).

Golden Calcite
Winter Warmer Citrine






A budget alternative winter warmer can be to get a golden wire cage and insert your selected tumbled stone into it. Then hang and wear it with a gold chain. A customer I was talking to the other day told me she didn’t like things hanging around her neck, so she secured her caged stone to her lapel with a safety pin and wore it like a brooch.

A Contrary Winter Warmer Idea.

Surprisingly, one way to feel warmer and give your immune system and energy levels a leg up at the same time is to walk or stand barefoot on natural ground (grass, dirt, or rock) for about five minutes or so. It seems crazy and contradictory, but it works remarkably well and strangely the earlier you do it, the better. Amazingly, it has a cooling effect in the summertime.

The other night it was exceptionally cold when I remembered and used my mother’s winter warmer method. It helps overcome the cold and cold feet in particular. A good old-fashioned hot water bottle is placed under your stockinged feet. Today’s modern alternative could be to use a wheat bag warmed in the microwave oven.


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