Why Are Different Crystals Recommended?

Tony from the UK asks why are different crystals recommended by different writers.

Ron and Sue, i have looked at your list of crystals for help with diabetes, and what i want
to know why is there so much conflicting information on what crystals to use for any
specific problem. i have read a number of books written by so called experts and not one
advises exactly the same crystals to help with diabetes.


You raise a good question, ‘why is there so much conflicting information regarding crystals’. I wouldn’t so much say conflicting, as differing. There are lots of valid reasons why there are different crystals recommended. While it is true that one does not always advise the same as another, there are several commonalities. With crystal healing as with other alternative and mainstream methodologies, there are many choices to make.

Just moving away from diabetes for a moment to the so-called common cold, look at how many alternatives there are for treatment. Does this mean they are in conflict with each other or are they merely choices? Go to one doctor and he recommends one thing. Go to another and he suggests yet another. Your pharmacist has his favourite and then to top it all off, there is your mother’s favourite remedy. As you can see there are many choices, none of them wrong, just different.

These choices are often made subject to background information. Sometimes the difference appears in the approach. What I mean by this is – one writer is approaching things from say a pancreatic disease perspective and another from a lifestyle problem. Here different crystals will be chosen, yet both selections are correct for the approach to the problem, namely diabetes.

Having a Choice Gives More Options.

In our own article for example we list 12 different crystals. However, when you read about each one, their strength lies in a particular facet of healing. Any one of them treats diabetes, but some do some things better than others. So you are able to choose what you deem best for your circumstance, from the different crystals recommended. Now, because writers tend to refer to those stones they work with most or have had better results with, I can see how this can contribute to what is seen as conflicting information.

I know in our case we like to offer several choices (just like being able to choose from several different medications at the chemist or pharmacy). In your judgement one is usually considered better than another. If you never had the choice, you could justly wonder why the world of crystals was so restricted. Your ‘internal doctor’ also comes into play, guiding you through your intuition to choose the best match from those available or the different crystals recommended.

Due Diligence is Still Required.

This is the paragraph I don’t like writing. Due diligence is also required when researching. Some writers on the net are more concerned with a good read and attracting attention than they are with proper information. Their articles are designed to fill a space and attract readers to click on the ads that usually accompany them. Unfortunately, these pretenders only add to the misconception of crystals and alternative modalities as being quackery and those involved with them as being charlatans. Which, we of course maintain is not the case at all with genuine healers, researchers, and writers.

It always amazes me how quickly people will jump on this negative bandwagon in our industry, even though the same thing happens in the mainstream. My advice is to check the credentials of the writer and possibly how long they have been involved with crystals and healing.

Good articles and books are more about offering guidance and help with your selection than they are about making solid though qualified recommendations. Leaving you with some choices and involvement gets you more involved in the process, which usually better facilitates healing. This after all is the object of the game. A narrow choice leaves you with little room to move in.

Why are different crystals recommended?

While there is more that could be said on this subject, we hope that this at least answers your question satisfactorily.




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