Where is My Crystal? Do Your Crystals Cause You Trouble?

Where is my crystal? 

Where’s my crystal? What have you done with my crystal? She cries.

Here we go again; one of Sue’s bed companions has gone missing, yet again. These days the cry “What have you done with my crystal?” is more in the form of light banter. However, there was a time some years back when I’m sure she was serious.

Sue has found she sleeps better and has a better disposition by keeping a Rose Quartz, a Chrysocolla and a couple of Clear Quartz points under her pillow. The only trouble is – they like to wander. Even to this day, I am sure she secretly thinks that I have some sort of a role in this.

where is my crystal

Sometimes one or two of them will totally disappear for a couple of days and then inexplicably reappear back under her pillow. More often than not though, they don’t. Luckily, with a little searching we manage to find them in one of their latest hiding spots: under my pillow keeping my crystal company; at the foot of the bed or elsewhere under the covers; also across the floor; under the bed; or stuck in the middle of my back.

Can these disappearances be explained?

Now, these occurrences could be explained with a little tossing and turning to move them about. But what about these locations – under the fitted sheet, inside a pillowcase, inside the doona cover, under the sheepskin rug on the floor or several feet from the edge of the bed.

Her Rose Quartz in particular seems to have a love affair with me. Not only will it visit my side of the bed, but it also likes to snuggle right up close and personal. Several times I have gotten out of bed and taken a few steps when it will release its embrace and fall to the floor. Luckily we have carpet on the floor in the bedroom to help it with a soft landing.

On more than one occasion each one of them has somehow managed to make it into the washing machine for a bit of a tub. It’s at least reassuring to know they take their hygiene seriously.

As you could imagine if we didn’t know better, this could also develop into a real concern and maybe even create some serious problems. Could it be that we have malevolent energy in our room?  Well, no we don’t! We can rest assured of this. Am I trying to play with Sue’s psyche? No, you will just have to take my word on that. Are these wayward crystals? I really don’t know the answer to that, but I suspect not.

Maybe one day we will come up with the real answer. Or it will be revealed to us. But in the meantime, we will live with the phenomena and allow it to continue to entertain us. And for me, I’ll keep my fingers crossed that Sue doesn’t really think it’s me trying to play with her mind.

Maybe we will get a real answer but in the meantime…


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