What crystal are you?

Do you like playing games? Especially games of insight? The other day Sue and I were sitting on our front veranda having a break, enjoying a cuppa and the morning sun. Out of nowhere, this thought popped into my head. “If you were a Crystal, what sort of Crystal would you be?” So I put it to her. What Crystal are you?

She thought for a moment and replied “I would be a Rose Quartz.” “Why,” I asked.

“Because I love pink and it’s the Love Stone, it’s soft and got gentle loving energy. It also makes me feel good and it expresses the way I feel. It’s inspirational.” She said.

I got to wondering for myself, what sort of stone would I be? A Tiger Eye was my first inclination. Why? Because I love its striking luminescence and rich yellow is one of my favourite colours. Also, it is an earthy stone that helps create what we want for our life and gives us the stability and endurance to maintain it.

Asking and answering this question can provide some interesting insights. What crystal are you? Now that you have your answer, go and look it up. Perhaps a second stone comes to mind at almost the same time, similar to drawing two cards at the same time from an oracle deck. In this case, take the two together.

We then went one step further and asked “what stone do you think you would benefit from the most right now? Don’t think about it; just go with the name or image of the first crystal that comes to mind.

Look it up, I am sure it will provide some valuable insight and direction for the immediate future. It would also be a good idea to carry it with you, or sleep with it for the next day or two to benefit from its vibration and guidance.


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