Healing Crystals for Weight Gain


Healing Crystals for Weight Gain


Lizzy wants to know how she can gain some weight. She is a self-described “skinny” person, who is seriously trying to put on some weight. The vast majority of inquiries we get are for ways to avoid weight gain. Most people want to lose some weight, not put it on.

“I’m really sick of the ‘skinny Miss Lizzy’ tag my friends and family put on me. My mum chants “are you too skinny, too skinny” it’s the opposite, she tells me, of the “are you too fat, too fat, too fat” slogan for Ford Pills that she remembers from when she was younger.

Let’s face it; there is not a great deal of information out there talking about the basics for healthy weight gain. It’s quite easy to feel like a second-class citizen when you’re researching and looking for information for weight gain. As let’s face it, most information is geared towards fat loss.

Before we get to the crystals that can help, we should consider an important aspect of weight control. The words you use and the way you think can make all the difference.

I use the words weight control because this aspect applies equally to those who wish to lose, as well as those wanting to gain weight.

The Law of Attraction in Weight Control –
Or More Importantly its Incorrect Use:

Here’s what I mean. When Lizzy spoke of her problem, she didn’t really say I want to find a way to normalise my weight. Nor did she say she wanted to put weight on. What she actually said was, “I don’t want to be skinny.” And herein lays a big part of the problem.

The thoughts she thinks, along with the words she speaks, are invoking the ‘Law of Attraction’. This law doesn’t recognise words or thoughts of negation. So when she says “I don’t want to be skinny” she is declaring that she wants to be skinny! So according to the law, the system gives her more skinny! This creates a never-ending cycle of more skinny!

Vital To Her Success Will Be The Use Of Visualization.

To help her overcome the skinny demeanour, she will need to create a new appearance and attitude for herself.

She sees herself as skinny at the moment, so a great way to help see herself as normal (meaning being at her ideal weight) would be to place a picture of someone representing her at her best on her bathroom and dresser mirrors. And then by using her imagination to substitute herself into the picture – that is to visualise herself at her ideal.

Courtesy of modern-day photoshop techniques, she could cut her face into the image. This would go a long way toward helping her see herself as she would prefer to be.

The Words We Speak Create Our Reality! The Role of Affirmations.

Instead of speaking herself into more skinny, she needs to be talking herself up. First thing in the morning and last at night, and often throughout the day, affirmations have a role to play. Here are a few examples:

I am achieving the perfect weight for me.

I love my body and I love myself.

My well-being is most important to me. I am responsible for taking care of myself.

I do everything I can to lovingly assist my body in maintaining perfect health and weight.

One of the keys to success with affirmations is your emotional conviction. In Lizzy’s case, she needs to be expressing these affirmations with the same emotional certainty as when she is speaking of being skinny.

It’s no good just speaking the words. They have to be said with full conviction and feeling, just as though they have full reality in the moment.

3 Healing Crystals for Weight Gain.

Healing Crystals can help you by changing your frequency to that which is conducive to maintaining your perfect weight. They can also help you gain weight by summoning and boosting your appetite, enhancing your taste and desire for food. They can also provide stress-free assistance for weight gain.


Carnelian – works on your weight gain (Just as it does weight loss) by stabilizing the hormones in your body. It corrects hormonal secretions and flushes out toxins that disrupt proper digestion. Stirs the lymphatic system and helps to detoxify your body and improve overall health. It energetically provides enthusiasm, courage, and direction. It also helps you to maintain a positive attitude along with the necessary willpower for success. Carnelian activates the base and sacral chakras to reintroduce balance and stability into the body.


Hematite – is very grounding. It is also able to reduce sensitivity and excess energy and to reduce stress and worry. By slowing the body’s metabolism appropriately it may also assist with weight gain. It is ideal for those with anorexia because it heals mental and/or emotional agonies along with physical weight. It helps restore balance and equilibrium and refocuses your energies. Hematite stimulates the root chakra and aligns the crown chakra to cause your body and mind to work in unison to stimulate appetite and weight gain.


Unakite – restores a harmony that will improve your capability to gain weight by balancing the hormones and energies within your body. It should be noted that ‘Unakite only stimulates weight gain when it is required.’ The body’s regulatory system takes care of this; boosting weight for those who need it. (But this function is not involved for those who do not need to put on weight). Known to strengthen the liver and help with detoxification, it also enhances the powers of regeneration and hastens the healing process. It rebuilds vitality, promotes relaxation, and helps with overcoming stress and frustration. Unakite works well for gaining weight as it activates the third eye chakra, leading to the complete rewiring of the brain and a commitment to fitness and healthy weight.

Additionally –   

It would be a good idea to consider acquiring a Rose Quartz also known as The Love Stone. This is considered important in the mix, because most people with a weight problem, (in this case too little weight), usually have an issue with self-love and self-acceptance. They are all too often much too down on themselves. Rose Quartz can help to raise healthy self-respect and acceptance by elevating their vibrational level to a more acceptable level.

And of course do not forget the importance of appropriate exercise, diet and lifestyle habits. It is also a good idea to consult with your doctor to ensure there are no underlying health issues or weight problems due to poor nutrition.





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