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Verdite Meaning – General Information and History.

Verdite comes from the Latin word viridis, which means “green”. It is a rock rather than a mineral, so its composition varies slightly from one stone to the next. Since it is a rock, it contains multiple minerals and invariably includes Fuchsite. It has a Mohs hardness that varies between 3 and 4, depending upon its composition. While it comes in shades of green, it can have brown, red, yellow, and/or blue swirls or spots. It has an amorphous crystal structure (crystals inside are monoclinic), a vitreous, silky, or pearly luster, with an opaque transparency.

Verdite hails from the North Kaap River, in South Africa, although the exact date of its discovery is uncertain. Referred to as “Africa’s green gold” and also prized in many local cultures for both medicinal and decorative use. In Zimbabwe, the native Shona tribes see it as a powerful conduit for ensuring faithfulness and also for improving fertility. South African tribes have created carvings and talismans with it for centuries.

Its properties make it a good stone for carving small sculptures, and also for making architectural products such as moldings and wall tiles. Moreover, Verdite moldings and tiles adorn prominent United Kingdom buildings, including the Bank of England and also South Africa House in London. It is also tumbled, and often cut into spheres, beads, and cabochons.


Verdite Meaning – Metaphysical Benefits.

Verdite symbolises health, wisdom, and power. Accordingly, it can increase individual power, without allowing any harsh characteristics to take effect. Furthermore, it can boost your strength, reliability, and honesty as well as improve your emotional fortitude, and improve memory. In a similar vein, it can empower your confidence, promote balance, and increase your self-respect.

Verdite can connect you with nature. It also has an innate ability to promote fertility and amplify fidelity. Some consider it the ideal stone for lovers and also a lucky stone for authors and academics.


Verdite Meaning – Healing.

Verdite supports the healthy functioning of the respiratory and circulatory systems, as well as the reproductive system. The belief is that it also benefits the hands and skin. Some crystal healers use it as an antidote for all kinds of intoxication. It increases oxygen flow through the body. Additionally, it also helps with headaches, vertigo, and dizziness. Green stones are also great heart chakra stones, however, Verdite works with all seven chakras!


Tips for Using Verdite.

  • Hold Verdite during highly stressful moments and challenging times, as it will calm your nerves and your senses.
  • Wear Verdite to help tame your unpleasant character traits.
  • Keep Verdite nearby to maintain emotional and mental control in your life.
  • Meditate with Verdite to explore past lives and also to retrieve information from the ancient ones.
  • Put Verdite in your pocket to encourage pursuing your heart’s desires.
  • Sleep with Verdite to promote peace and harmony in your life.
  • Carry or wear Verdite to keep love alive in your relationship, and to help you stay true to your promises.
  • Wear or carry Verdite to help overcome challenges or adversity.
  • Carrying Verdite will make you more tolerant in situations that are beyond your control.


Verdite meaning
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