Practical Uses for Crystals. 

Here are 6 uses for crystals that are practical and easy to do.

6 Uses for Crystals in Everyday Life

#1. At work.

Keep a bowl of crystals on your desk or around your work area. So now you can call upon their energy when you need it. For example, each morning, pull two or three crystals out to carry during the day. Pick ones that have the energies that you need to focus on. Don’t ponder your choice, either. Just stick your hand in the candy jar and go! It’s all about instinct! Your unconscious mind knows what you need to deal with.

#2. As a Gift.

Collect some beautiful crystals that you would ordinarily buy for yourself to present as a thoughtful gift for someone who is going through a rough time. Just in case they don’t understand the properties and usages of crystal wisdom, you could refer them to our website where there is plenty of information available to them. Or you could include a book about crystals and you’ll have a friend for life.

Uses for Crystals in Everyday Life

#3. At Your Front Door.

Place a bowl of crystals near your front door for guests. Not only is it a great conversation piece, but it’s also a wonderful welcoming presence (that you have previously blessed, of course) for your guests. If you’re not certain of this, just watch them during their visit and see how they “light up”.  You could be forgiven for thinking you’re such a great host. But what about those sparkling crystals over there in the corner that greeted them when they first walked in? Give your crystals credit where and when it’s due!

#4. As a Crystal Charged Drink.

Add a crystal (or two) to a glass of water. Then, remove the crystals (to avoid swallowing the stones or chipping a tooth) and drink the water. While you’re doing this, envision the crystal healing energy flowing into your cells and bringing forth positive changes all throughout your body. Do the same for guests also, but do get their permission first!

Uses for Crystals in Everyday Life

#5. In a Bath.

Drop several crystals into your bath water and simply soak in it while meditating on the stone’s energies. Take a couple of candles in there with you for extra atmosphere; just make sure they are blue, green, purple, or pink for maximum relaxation.

#6. In a Bag of Positive Energy.

Create a bag with colourful cloth (your favourite, of course). Now add a crystal or two and maybe some pine straw, herbs, leaves, twigs, or anything “of the earth” that you feel would support the energy of the crystals. You can also add charms, trinkets, or small objects you find while you’re out. Tie the bag with a string or ribbon. Bless the bag, either with your words, or, if you want to get really ceremonial, in the smoke of a sage smudge stick. If you don’t have sage or dislike its aroma, you can always use incense.  Carry the bag in your pocket and see how it changes your outlook!

6 Uses for Crystals in Everyday Life

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