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~ November Birthstone ~ Properties ~ Topaz Meaning ~ Benefits ~ Healing ~ 

For all those born in the month of November, your Birthstone is Topaz.

It is also one of the zodiac stones for those born under the sign of Scorpio,
between October 24 and November 22.


Topaz Meaning – General Information

Topaz is a fluorine aluminium silicate found in a range of colours. The most valuable colour is a golden orange-yellow, called “Imperial Topaz”. This crystal is one of the hardest minerals and is also natures hardest silicate mineral. It has a Mohs hardness of 8 and crystallizes in the orthorhombic system.

The name Topaz is generally derived from Old French: Topace and Latin: Topazus. Alternatively, it may be related to the Sanskrit word तपस् tapas, meaning heat or fire. The term “Imperial Topaz” originated in 19th century Russia, where the Ural Mountains were Topaz’s principal source and named in honour of the Russian czar.

For thousands of years, Topaz has conjured thoughts of opulence and luxury, influence and generosity, vibrancy and strength. Furthermore, it may bring true love and fidelity, friendship, and a gentle nature. Also bestowing courage and wisdom, and success in all endeavours. Harnessing its energy from the sun, also transcending time and space allows it to be one of the most beneficial crystals one can gift. Especially for yourself.


Topaz Meaning – History

The ancient Romans held that Topaz provided protection from danger while traveling. English superstition also held that Topaz cured lunacy. During the Middle Ages, the belief was that attaching Topaz to one’s left arm provided protection from curses and warded off the evil eye. Apparently by wearing Topaz one could increase body heat, which would then enable relieve of a cold or fever. There was also a strong belief in Europe in the Middle Ages that it enhanced mental powers.

Topaz is a gemstone that has been used in jewellery for centuries. It is also one of the stones in the breastplate of the High Priest.


Topaz Meaning – Metaphysical Benefits.

Topaz has a vibrant energy that encourages joy, generosity, abundance and good health. Traditionally known as a stone of love, success and good fortune, it also brings successful achievement of goals. It is extremely supportive for visualization, as well as for affirmations and manifestation.

This crystal promotes truth and forgiveness. Topaz brings about trust in the universe that enables you to act from a state of being rather than doing, as it cuts through doubt and uncertainty. It throws light onto your path as it highlights goals and helps tap into inner recourses.

Excellent for cleaning the aura and for inducing relaxation, Topaz releases tension at any level. It can also accelerate spiritual development where it has been tough and slow. This stone sponsors openness and honesty, self-control, self-realization and the urge to develop inner wisdom. It helps you discover your inner riches, making you feel confident along with a desire to share your good fortune around.

Topaz is a highly energizing and warming stone.  Use it to stimulate the intellect: it aids abstract thinking and creativity from the mental level to concrete physical form.  It is a stone of trust and protection: it draws out negativity, exhaustion, and tension. Placing a Golden Topaz in your home may protect against break-ins and fire.

Topaz provides excellent emotional support, as it stabilizes the emotions and makes you receptive to love from all sources.


Topaz Meaning – Healing.

As a mellow and empathetic stone, Topaz directs energy to where it is most needed. Its energy soothes, heals, stimulates, recharges and aligns the meridians of the body.

Use Topaz to manifest health. As an aid to digestion and to help overcome anorexia, restore the sense of taste, stimulate the metabolism, and fortify the nerves. Topaz may increase blood circulation and aids with liver and kidney disorders. It also relieves the pain associated with arthritis and rheumatism. An elixir is useful to correct dimness of vision. May alleviate mental illness. It is also thought to lessen cardiac pains and to reduce snoring.


Tips for using Topaz.
  • Carry Topaz to manifest good health.
  • Hold one up to full moonlight to see images or symbols that are significant to you.
  • Have a Topaz nearby on the dinner table to liven sensitivity to taste and stimulate the taste buds. Topaz is also known as the “gourmets’ stone”.
  • Place Imperial Topaz and Blue Topaz together in a small pouch and carry to balance the creative side of your mind with the analytical side.
  • Wear Topaz to elevate your mood and to feel good about yourself.
  • Keep Topaz in your work area for confidence and positive intent, and for generating financial success.
  • Carry or wear Topaz to attract the right people into your life.
  • Use Topaz to wipe away tiredness.




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