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Crystals for dealing with and overcoming tiredness and fatigue.

For our purposes here, we are dealing more with energy slumps or temporary periods of undue tiredness rather than with chronic fatigue and vibrational shifts. Although these suggestions may provide some assistance for dealing with these as well.

Everything worthwhile in life is dependent upon a good supply of energy. Because having plenty of it is vital to life’s full enjoyment. So here some simple remedies to deal with the problem:

Crystals for overcoming tiredness and fatigue.

Any of these stones worn or carried around the lower body; base and sacral chakra area will help overcome tiredness: Amethyst, Carnelian, Rose Quartz, Fire Agate and Pyrite. If you are verging more into fatigue, also add one of these: Ametrine, Bloodstone, Sunstone, Dioptase and Hematite. Combining any of these with a Clear Quartz, Smokey Quartz or Rutilated Quartz adds another dimension to your energy boost.

Another suggestion is to wear a Clear Quartz pendant with an anklet of Black Onyx. You could also tuck a Black Onyx or a Hematite tumbled stone in the top of your sock (both if you like). A friend of ours uses wire cages to hold the crystals she wishes to work with. She simply pins them to her clothing. Or she ties them on in the area she wants them to be with a leather cord.

While Crystals are wonderful tools to assist us in balancing and restoring our energy levels. It is being assumed that other important matters like sufficient sleep, proper diet and not overworking have also been addressed.


Fatigue is a sign of your body being depleted in energy. This may be caused by illness, stress, or over work, etc. Holding or carrying a high vibration crystal allows its energy to merge with your own, correcting the depletion and restoring balance.

A high vibrational crystal, like Apophyllite, can raise your energy vibration, assist with fatigue and lift you to a place of health and well-being. An effective treatment is to lie down with an Apophyllite crystal placed just above your crown. Also, place a Clear Quartz and a Hematite below each foot. Complete this with a Rose Quartz in the middle of your chest.

A quick fix for tiredness using Clear Quartz points.

A couple of Clear Quartz points can help you re-energise and provide a quick and easy fix for low energy due to tiredness. Sit in a chair with your feet flat on the floor and close your eyes. Hold a Clear Quartz Crystal point in each hand, pointing inward. Relax and take slow deep breaths for about 15 minutes. This will give you an instant energy boost and help fight the short onsets of fatigue.





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