The Crystal Story: Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow


The Crystal Story



The Crystal Story of Yesteryear.

This story started in antiquity, lives today and no doubt will continue long into the future. The Crystal Story is as old as the world itself and has many versions and legends. Some of them date back to the beginning of the human race. Since then many civilizations and people have used crystals for numerous purposes, including healing, protection, and powerful initiations.

Legends of the ancient continents of Lemuria and Atlantis tell us that crystals played many key roles in their civilizations. They generated power for entire cities, provided healing, and offered teleportation across continents. The highly evolved inhabitants of these civilised societies were able to channel and harness cosmic forces by utilising the power of these crystals. Further, they used them as beacons of light and telepathic communication tools with their universal forefathers. Unfortunately, this sacred knowledge was abused and misused by an egocentric and selfish minority.

This caused the elders or wise ones to remove this knowledge from society. They programmed certain crystals with this sacred knowledge and returned some of them to the earth. They also transported others to other continents of the world and buried them for safekeeping. Also trusting that when the proper time came, these crystals would re-emerge and make their knowledge known. Furthermore, they would provide a path for ascension for the human race.

Belief has it that when the survivors of Atlantis moved into Egypt, Tibet, and South America they continued to use crystals. Moreover, they used the power of crystals and crystalline frequencies to build pyramids and temples. The further belief is that crystal caps placed on top of the pyramids could channel cosmic forces into the pyramids, and then into the planet.


The Crystal Story Continues Into The Modern Age

In this modern age, we view crystals in many different ways. For some of us, they are pretty stones that adorn our homes in radiant beauty. For others, they play an integral role in their healing and meditation practices. Many of us use them for protection at home and work. And for yet others, they are great sources of light and energy. Also for astral travel, and communicating with beings from other dimensions, as well as connecting to the All that Is.

The power and potential of crystals should not be understated. They are among the main contributors to the New Age. They assist us in our journey to a higher frequency and vibration. Furthermore, they energetically raise us into our Lightbody, allowing us to truly be ONE with ALL. The ancient crystals have been re-activated, as it is time for the human race to move forward in their evolution and growth. These ancient power crystals remain hidden for the moment. However, they transmit their frequency, energy, and voice to those crystals that are present, visible, and available to us today.

You may find yourself attracted or drawn to certain crystals. Further, by connecting to them, you can tap into their crystalline energy for your personal growth and healing. You can also use them to help you better understand the world you live in, the cosmos, and the Universe.

It is simply a matter of making a conscious connection and then allowing the sacred knowledge to flow into your Being. Also, to remember who and what you truly are!


Crystals Story Today.

In these modern times, we have used crystals to bring in and listen to radio waves/frequencies. We use them in precision laser cutting and measuring instruments, as well as in instruments of war. We have even harnessed the crystalline structure for energy storage in batteries. Some of the finest surgical tools are made from crystal and allow for very precise surgery. We also have extremely accurate time-keeping devices made out of crystal. Crystals have indeed allowed us to enjoy and benefit in our lives in many useful ways.

So many of today’s homes are decorated with crystal and stone. There is a huge trade in gemstones and who would go without their favorite piece of crystal jewellery? A whole alternative healing and wellness industry thrives on the metaphysical properties available through crystals. And of course, we would be remiss if we didn’t acknowledge the popularity of crystals as good luck charms or talismans. And we couldn’t leave out the beauty industry where ground crystals of various sorts make up their magic hidden ingredient.


The Crystal Story Tomorrow.

Tomorrow I believe we will see a world of great advancement due to the hidden powers of crystals. All of the current uses will be so much more so. There is solid conjecture that we will design devices using crystals that can draw energy out from the atmosphere and convert it into usable energy. We will synthesize these crystals from abundantly available crystalline raw mineral materials, rather than plundering naturally formed crystals. This is about as close as we can get to free energy; to power our homes, transport, and even large segments of business and industry. Telepathic communication will be much more common and also enhanced with crystals. Energy healing will come to the fore with crystals as its main tool. Exposure to negative and harmful EMF will also be at a minimum by applying crystal energy.

More of the ancient knowledge will be available and as long as we use it wisely the Wisdom Keeper crystals will reappear. A path for ascension will be revealed (keeping in mind it will not be the only one). Most importantly I believe they will encourage us to “live the grandest version of the highest vision we can hold for ourselves’, to quote from Conversations with God.



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Disclaimer: The outlined metaphysical and healing properties in this website are for inspiration and reference. We gather this information and alleged properties from writings, books, folklore and various other sources. They are also dependent upon the attitude and beliefs of the individual. Furthermore they do not replace diagnosis or treatment by a qualified therapist or physician.

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