The Benefits of Salt Crystal for Your Health.


Someone asked me a very important question. “What did I think the most valuable and the most important crystal was?” I thought I had better think about this before I answered and I’m glad I did.

Straight away your mind goes to precious gemstones, Diamonds, Rubies, Sapphires, Topaz. Sure all of these can fetch some incredible prices. But does dollar value make it the most important and valuable crystal? Healing stones, now there are some incredible crystals in this field. Clear Quartz is renowned as “The master healer”. It also has the ability to amplify energy and even produce piezoelectricity. All of these and others besides have taken up very important roles in industry and even in the medical profession. Yet it seemed that as important and valuable as these crystals are, none of them were fitting the bill.

salt crystal
I was staring into the salt lamp on my desk, using it somewhat like a crystal ball – seeking, searching for an answer, when it hit me like a rock!


Salt Crystal!

SALT! HALITE: This is one of the most common and plentiful crystals on the planet. Taken for granted for generations and demonised in modern culture as well. It is one of the most blessed and paradoxically cursed crystals of the modern era.

Salt crystal, just like fresh water and clean air, is essential for our health and wellbeing; we simply cannot survive without it! I remember the Peters ice cream advertisement that stated it was the “health food of the nation”. Well, Halite, or more particularly Salt Crystal should be our health food for the nation, as well as being applauded for its healing properties.


Childhood memories of the importance of salt crystal.

Memories from my childhood started to resurface and I realised their importance to this story as I got into this writing. There were various slogans and events that cemented the value of salt into my consciousness. I remember my grandfather telling me to be worthy of my salary; that a man is worth his weight in gold, no not gold, he said salt; certain people were referred to as ‘salt of the earth’; strive to be worthy of your salary, and many more.

My grandfather was a well-known boxing instructor with the NSW Police Boys Club, now PCYC. I can remember him encouraging me as a youngster to soak my hands in brine (very salty water) to toughen them up. Strangely, he also encouraged me to soak my feet. Not as you might imagine, to toughen them up, although this was a side effect. But rather because as I was told this was very beneficial for my health. Apparently, a great deal of goodness would enter my body through my feet. It came from the salt crystal and at the same time, it would remove the poison from my body. Today we call this a detox. (Like a good young grandson, I did as I was told. You didn’t ask too many questions in those days).

Himalayan Salt
I was encouraged to eat plenty of salt on my food, but only certain salts. They had no particular name back then. But they always appeared dirty and a little courser than the salt at my friend’s places which were clean and bright white and could be spread from a shaker.


Salt crystal is good for you.

In fact, I found it a little confusing back then, because I was told our salt crystal was good for me, while my friend’s salt was poison and I was not to eat it. Actually, this is very similar to the paradox people have today. Salt is an essential source of elements necessary to maintain an abundantly healthy life. But eat too much salt and you will kill yourself.

Salt was also used for lessons of moderation. When we were at the beach I found out that a mouthful or two of ocean water is quite acceptable and actually encouraged, as it is good for you. But if you drink too much of it, it will purge you like no other. Also, that if continued will lead to your demise.


There are different kinds of salt.

What I came to understand as I grew older was that there are different kinds of salt. All salt starts out in the ocean and much of it stays there. Some of it gets diverted into pools, where it dries into large salt cakes. Aeons back vast volumes got isolated and over millennia have been compressed into rock formations. In fact many of these salt crystal deposits formed from “primal seas” going back 2.5 million years and more. These deposits are buried deep beneath the earth’s surface keeping them isolated from pollution and other contaminants.

If we go back through history we see the story of salt and its importance to us. Salt has many references in the bible. King Solomon is well

Himalayan Salt Chunks
 remembered for his salt mines. Roman soldiers were paid in salt; their ‘salary’. During this period in history salt was considered so valuable it was referred to as ‘White Gold’. No expedition on land or sea would be undertaken without an appropriate ration of salt.  Especially before refrigeration, salt was our number one preservative, and to this day it is still plays an important role.

Before the industrial revolution having sufficient salt was considered an essential boon to good living. Sodium chloride worked in concert with 84 other minerals and elements to provide nature’s perfect balance. It was all that was required back then to keep the body’s systems working harmoniously. In fact, as soon as an imbalance or lack of salt was evident, a signal would be activated as a desire to consume some of it. And of course, salt crystal has long been the number one seasoning for adding flavour and interest to our food.


The industrial revolution and the demand for refined salt.

With the industrial revolution came the demand for refined salt. Refined salt is salt that has been stripped of all its minerals, except for sodium chloride. Then taking their place, chemicals such as moisture absorbents and de-caking agents are added. During this process, it is dried at over 650 degrees Celsius, or 1,200 degrees Fahrenheit and this excessive heat alters its natural chemical and crystalline structure. This de-natured salt creates the potential for innumerable health problems and effectively turns it into a poison for the human body.

In this processed salt the crystals are energetically dead and completely isolated from one another. For the body to metabolize this chemical salt, a tremendous amount of energy must be used just to keep the body at its optimal fluid balance. Water is taken from other cells in an attempt to neutralize the unnatural sodium chloride. Naturally, this creates a huge burden on the elimination systems in the body.

This refined salt was heavily marketed and soon due to its easy pouring and better looking pure white colour we were deluded into believing ‘refined’ meant better. When actually nothing could have been further from the truth.


The Salt Paradox.
salt crystals

Now the paradox was beginning to make sense. Salt in its pure and natural form, even allowing for its being ground into smaller chunks and fine granules is perfectly suited to us. In fact, it is essential to our wellbeing. While, its counterpart is so altered that it is an anathema to our healthy state of being.

Any athlete can testify to the importance of this substance to keep their muscles working efficiently. Also how it stops them from dehydrating and speeds their recovery after a heavy workout. Any sensible worker toiling in hot conditions knows that their salt intake is just as essential as their water intake. Anyone who suffers from cramps appreciates salt’s ability to help their muscles let go.

Saline or salt solution is essential for your first aid kit. Especially as it can clean wounds, disinfect and protect burns and wash out and moisturise eyes. And it is often used as a blood substitute in emergencies.

Halite or in particular Himalayan Rock Salt, originally came from the ‘primal sea’. It is a whole(some) food that provides essential minerals and elements exactly identical to those found in your body. It is also a vital source of stored energy that can restore our balance, vitality and life force.


Salt Crystal and its Benefits to us.

Salt crystal reminds us of its inestimable value when we consider its contribution and benefits to us:

It regulates the water content throughout your body.

Salt is actually essential for the regulation of your blood pressure.

Aids vascular health.

Maintains the ph balance within your cells, particularly your brain cells.

Balances your blood sugar levels.

Helps to reduce your rate of aging.

Removes acidic wastes that cause degeneration.

Assists in generating hydroelectric energy in the cells in your body.

Facilitates absorption of food particles through your intestinal tract.

Helps clear mucus and phlegm from your lungs.

Supports healthy respiratory function.

Works as a natural antihistamine helping clear up congestion in your sinuses.

Prevention of muscle cramps.

Strengthens and firms the structure of your bones.

Promotes healthy natural sleep patterns.

Maintaining a healthy libido.

Helps prevent varicose and spider veins on your legs and thighs.

Helps stabilize irregular heartbeats.

Promotes free flow of waste from the elimination systems of the body.

It is our most reliable source of natural sodium chloride and other necessary elements, which are essential for life.

I say Halite or pure Salt Crystal is the most important and valuable crystal. And I say this because it is a key provider of the major elements required by the body. Also because it is a cornerstone in the foundation of life.


Salt has many uses:

Salt is a magnificent crystal and you can use or consume it in many ways:

In the form of a Salt Lamp. As a lamp, it can provide light and warmth and also be a source of life-enhancing negative ions. It can also act as a natural air de-humidifier.

As a seasoning or table and cooking salt, to add flavour and nutrition to our food.

As Solé, a very beneficial mineral health supplement and energy drink. You may find this video provides helpful instruction.

In a Salt Pipe for respiratory health. Particularly useful for people with asthma and cystic fibrosis. Breathing from a Salt Pipe helps clear congestion from your sinuses.

As a foot soak or added to bath water. This is very moisturising for your skin and allows for dermal entry of its healing properties.

Solé mixed with a glucose drink makes a perfect sports drink.

You can use a diluted Solé mixture as a mild Saline solution. You can dispense it from a dropper as an eyewash. Also use it as a moisturiser, or as an antiseptic for cuts and abrasions and mild burns.


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