A Special Little Crystal.

One day after we returned from the wholesalers, we commenced sorting through our purchases. As often happens a particular crystal stood out and is now part of our personal collection. There it was. A special little crystal just sitting in amongst others in a bag of Clear Quartz points. But something made this one special, at least to me anyway.

Without much thought, I just set it aside on my desk, where it has sat for several weeks. A little while ago, it caught my attention again,

special little crystal
along with an old dongle by its side. As I picked it up, I could feel the energy it contained. I could also sense that there was much more to this little piece of crystal than first met the eye.

The question is, did I pick this crystal, or had it picked me? Whichever way I am certainly glad to have it in my possession. Plus, the more I handle and work with it the more amazed I become. It is smaller than two joints of my little finger. The clarity of the crystal is the first thing to catch your attention. Then as I looked at it, I noticed its special features; a time link and a window and an Isis face; it is also engraved or etched on one side. Furthermore, when I placed it down onto my mouse mat, I noticed it was an enhydro, meaning it contains entrapped bubbles of water. It has also commenced the process of self-healing. It has a few more qualities, but you get the picture.—This is one powerful little crystal and I really enjoy having it in my workspace with me.

If you also have a special crystal or two in your procession, then like me you won’t part with it easily. At least not until you get that clear impression it is time for it to move on.

I am amazed at what this special little crystal contains; the more I work with it, meditate with it and just enjoy its company on my desk, the more I realize just how powerful a crystal can be; the information it can contain and what it can convey to us! Universal energies alone put this powerful communicator together and we can really begin to appreciate its awesomeness when we consider the dongle it was keeping company with; A miniaturized piece of modern-day wizardry and technology that allows us to communicate around the world via the internet. I really am impressed with my special little crystal, and what a lucky find it has turned out to be.


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