Sore Throat - Liquid Lozenge

A Sore Throat Solution – A Liquid Lozenge


Last month we got so involved in renovating that we forgot some very important principles and let our energy get run down. Needless to say that those sneaky little flu viruses must have known and thought that they would make themselves at home. Ron in particular got a very sore throat. Guess that this makes for a good case study again. Hence the need to write about a sore throat and the solution to a sore throat – a liquid lozenge. 

Let’s face it, how many times have you let yourself down. You get so busy and involved that you forget the basics; good nutrition, ample rest, meditation or relaxation and using energy boosters like crystals to keep you at your best. I guess that makes us even guiltier than most because it is the antithesis to what we teach. But it does bring us to the use of elixirs.

The Liquid Lozenge Recipe.

When you get a sore throat, a lozenge is a helpful item as it helps to soothe the throat and control the coughs. However, these can be expensive and often contain undesirable ingredients. So a better solution is to make a ‘sip’ or in other words a liquid lozenge. A great one for sore throats is this: – into half a glass of water add four dessert spoons of organic apple cider vinegar and four dessert spoons of honey stir it up and sip as required. This is also an excellent tonic for daily use. Now if you want to super-charge it, mix it with a crystal elixir.

Elixirs are of great value used on their own. A good one for a sore throat is made using Blue Lace Agate with Aquamarine and as an energy boost, a Carnelian was added. On this occasion, the stones were left in the container. Ron also found this ‘sip-elixir’ very refreshing and made an extra quantity to sip as desired throughout the day. He also likes things chilled, so he kept it in the fridge, which is quite OK. But the purists will tell you this is a no-no. 

To learn all about making elixirs see our article on making crystal elixirs which also gives recipes for keeping cool on hot summer days, keeping up your energy through the holiday season, and recovering after partying too hard.

(This article is reproduced from our December 2008 newsletter).


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