Smelling Bottles With Crystals to Restore Sense of Smell and Taste.


Q. Hello. My daughter-in-law has lost her sense of smell and taste. I want to make her some little smelling bottles that she can work with. I was curious about adding some crystal/gem chips to the bottles… Any advice on which to use would be very helpful! Thank you so much! Rebecca~

A. Hi Rebecca,

Smelling Bottles
The Best Crystals To Use:

Probably the best 3 crystals to use in the smelling bottles and for restoring her sense of smell would be Red Jasper, Tiger Eye, and Tourmaline. And for taste, Topaz and Tourmaline. As Tourmaline is involved in both, it would be an excellent choice. Any of the Quartz family would be suitable also; My first choice would be Clear Quartz for its all-around healing properties. Plus, all Quartz’s will boost and support the healing properties of other crystals as well as provide healing in their own right.

For example, Smokey Quartz brings positivity, Rose offers the power of love. Citrine conveys joy and self-esteem. Amethyst stimulates serenity and also provides peace. Blue Quartz and/or Dumortierite allows calm healing as well as protection from negativity.

Our sense of smell is associated with our base or root chakra. Garnet, Red Jasper, Tiger Eye, Tourmaline, Hematite, and Smokey Quartz resonate with this chakra.

So, a good recipe would be, Tourmaline, Red Jasper, and Clear Quartz. Or similarly, you could try Tourmaline, Clear Quartz, and one other of the Quartz family. Let’s say Citrine if joy and self-esteem seem to be more a priority to the other qualities.

Subject to the number of bottles involved, you could use just one or two different stones in each.

Here is my best tip, whatever crystal or crystals that you and more importantly your daughter-in-law feel most attracted to; this is what you should go with. Also, don’t try for too many, just a few will work better than a lot.

I hope this information is helpful and you find the solution to improved smell real soon.

All the best,


Some further Information, Re Smelling Bottles.

Smell Training With Essential Oils.

We assumed that Rebecca would be using essential oils for her smelling bottles; or that she already knew what she would be using in them, apart from the crystals she asked about. As you don’t have that information, we thought it prudent to add a little bit of further information.

You can use Smell training to help restore your olfactory sense using essential oils; Lemon, rose, clove, and eucalyptus are preferred for this purpose because they have a strong, distinct and natural aroma. They represent four different fragrance categories: fruity (lemon), floral (rose), spicy (clove), and resinous (eucalyptus).

Smell training is simply sniffing different aromas to help retrain your olfactory system to restore your sense of smell. You should aim to do this two to four times daily. But do keep in mind that you may need to do this for 4 to 6 months.


The Method.

Set some quiet time aside during your day to complete the smell training process. It should only take a few minutes.

Sit somewhere comfortable with your four smelling bottles. Open one, hold it just under and away from your nose, and take some gentle sniffs for about 20 seconds. Do your best to recall any memories of what it should smell like, as well as any good emotions associated with it.

Then, pause and take a few neutral breaths before moving on to the next of your smelling bottles. Repeat the process until you’ve gone through all four different fragrances.

Most importantly, try to stick with it. So when you don’t smell anything at first, don’t give up. Everyone is different, and all have varying degrees of success. Remember also that the sense of smell can change and improve; also you can train and develop your sense of smell with exposure to odours. Good luck!


Combining Crystals and Essential Oils Into Your Smelling Bottles.

As mentioned earlier, choose a crystal or crystals from those listed above, that resonates with you the most. Naturally, try to get the smallest size you can so it will go into a bottle. It doesn’t have to go inside; you could tape it to the bottle so it can share its vibration or resonance.


Using Crystals and Essential Oils Separately.

You don’t need to place the crystals into Smelling Bottles to gain their benefits. If you so choose, you can carry or wear the crystals on their own. Equally the same applies to the oils and you can use them separately. Or yet another alternative is to wear or carry the crystals while smelling from your smelling bottles.


Improving Taste.

We couldn’t find any reference for essential oils to improve taste. However several articles inferred that taste improves with an improvement in smell. So our suggestion is to mix the oils and crystals and work on them both together.




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