Advanced Rituals with Crystals: Ways to Prepare and Bless Your Crystals for Healing 

As you become more familiar with your crystals, you will want to graduate on to more advanced Rituals with Crystals. Also, to find methods to protect and prepare your crystals for healing purposes. You and your crystals should be in “alignment” before you begin to attempt to heal others. This is important because you need a centred, focused direction. Otherwise, you may create the opposite effect on a patient or person who needs healing. This healing may be for emotional, mental, or physical reasons. There is no time limit and there are no classes to take to determine when you are “ready” to heal. Your instincts will be your best guide. Another indicator that you have arrived at a new and higher level is when your approached for a healing.

In any case, you may cleanse your crystal any time you feel like you should. This may be when you first receive it, when you want to reprogram it, or whenever else you feel it is necessary. To cleanse your crystal, hold it in your hand, close your eyes, and chant three times out loud. “Welcome, light; cast out darkness,” or some other, more personalized mantra. – You’ll know what you want to say and what works for you. Whatever you choose, though, make sure you do repeat it at least three times. Or repeat it until you sense that your crystal has been cleansed. (Sounds crazy, but it works.)

Cleansing Rituals with Crystals

Quartz crystals, especially Clear Quartz crystals, are also excellent for cleansing other crystals. Hold the crystal you want cleansed near the Quartz crystal. Judge the exact distance for yourself. You can do this by sensing when the cleansing energy of the Quartz has enveloped your crystal. If you wish, you can repeat your mantra in a quiet manner.

Once your crystal has been cleansed, you will want to program it for specific purposes. Hold the crystal in your hand. Close your eyes. Visualize the purpose you wish to program your crystal for. Focus, breathing deeply until the visualization is complete and all-encompassing. Then softly say, “I dedicate this crystal to….” (whatever or whomever you wish).

When using your crystal, the most important rule is to allow guidance by your intuition. This is much better than following what someone else says is right or wrong. It’s best to be forewarned: you will encounter this in your healing work. Like in any other vocation, even when given with such love, you will be told, “You’re doing this the wrong way,” or the like. Simply smile and move on. By this time, you and your crystals are “bound together”. They are now your personal assistants and aides. They are ready to help whomever and whatever you wish, or for whatever cause or person you are called for. Always remember that these are your personal crystals. They are attuned to your unique strengths, desires, and energy. No one knows your crystals better than you do, and don’t let anyone try to tell you differently!

Crystal Wands and Rituals with Crystals

Crystal wands have a long tradition as healing tools. Healing practitioners from all over the globe have used them for thousands of years. Crystal wands can be used in many different ways: As a massage tool. To detect aura blockages. In Reiki healing; ceremonial magic; or directing and moving energy (such as pain) out of the body. Crystal wands are also great because you can carry them with you. You can also display them with your collection of other crystals. Again, it’s your practice; make it perfect for you! Place your crystals wherever you feel most compelled.

Use the natural healing properties of crystals.

The natural healing properties of crystals impart to a body, when they’re used either on or near it. Use your crystal wand to ease tension or pain anywhere in the body. Also for treating and releasing trigger points. The pointed crystals can be used for directing energy toward the area that needs it most. Then, you can place the wand on the area to be massaged. You can either move it in a circular motion over the area, or back and forth. Crystal massage wands with a rounded end can be used for deeper, more directed work. But remember always to use gentle pressure when working with deep tissue healing. Crystal healing wands also work best when they are in direct contact with skin. Yet, they are also effective through clothing.

The crystal wand can also be used for scanning someone’s aura to detect blockages. Hold it a few inches away, aiming the point of the wand toward the person. Choose a starting point and begin to move the wand slowly over the person’s body. Note any areas that feel different. Sometimes the crystal wand may feel difficult to move, or it may begin to vibrate. Usually, this means it is detecting a blockage in the aura. After you have finished scanning, go back and work on the blocked areas with your choice of crystals. Remember, whatever you feel will work best, will. Trust every instinct.


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