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Rhodonite Meaning – General Information.

Rhodonite gets its name from the Greek word ῥόδος rhodos meaning rosy. It is a rose-red manganese silicate, and often veined with streaks of black and grey, due to the oxidation of manganese. It has quite a distinct pink or rose-red colour. However, the material containing veins is more popular than the uniformly coloured stone. This is usually the result of the manganese metamorphosing with other minerals like aluminium and calcium through a sedimentary process. It has a Mohs Hardness of 6 with a triclinic crystal structure.

Rhodonite is commonly mined and usually removed in very large blocks. Because of its beautiful colour and fine texture, it is a popular medium for stone masonry and architectural projects.


Rhodonite Meaning – History.

This crystal has been a popular carving material for the last few hundred years. The Russians of earlier years were known for their Rhodonite carvings. They used it extensively, carving the sarcophagus for czars and emperors from whole slabs, like the sarcophagus of the Russian emperor Alexander II (1818-1881) which was carved from a single block. Russian children would exchange Easter eggs carved from Rhodonite.

Russia and Massachusetts both recognise Rhodonite as their national and state gemstone.

In antiquity, travellers used it as a protective stone because it warned them of imminent danger by causing their heartbeat to accelerate suddenly.

Rhodonite, also called Orletz by the locals, meaning “the Eagle Stone”, when discovered in the 1790s in the Ural Mountains of Russia, near Maloe Sidelnikovo. It became the national stone of Russia in 1913.


Rhodonite Meaning – Metaphysical Benefits.

Rhodonite is a stone of compassion and is also referred to as a ‘Stone of Love’. It is an emotional balancer that nurtures love and heartens the brotherhood of humanity. This stone calms and feeds the soul through the heart. Also, it promotes peace, happiness, joy and laughter. It encourages self-love and forgiveness.

It also stimulates, clears and activates the heart to clear away emotional wounds and scars from the past. Rhodonite provides support in cases of emotional self-destruction, co-dependency and abuse. It heals emotional shock and panic, and promotes remaining calm in dangerous or upsetting situations. Builds confidence and alleviates confusion. Rhodonite grounds energy, balances yin-yang, and serves in achieving your highest potential.

Just holding this stone promotes relaxation and brings a sense of well-being. It is useful for clearing your psychic centres and clearing the mind of confusion and doubt. Rhodonite will also help in applying your talents for the good of others. It may also help you reach your full potential and it teaches you to see both sides of every issue. It is an excellent stone to use for smoothing over relationship difficulties.

This stone develops trust in yourself; it boosts your self-confidence and strengthens your resolve and self-discipline. It allows you to process chaotic situations and patiently assess your options. It liberates from spiritual and physical pain, also promoting forgiveness to do away with the festering anger and annoyances in life.

Rhodonite raises self-worth and helps ward off negativity. It is also a well-known “rescue stone”. Victims of sudden heart attacks or equally serious illnesses may recover more quickly and more completely if they carry the stone during their convalescence.


Rhodonite Bracelet


Rhodonite Meaning – Healing. 

Rhodonite soothes the nervous system, nightmares, stress, heartache and loss, and assists the thyroid, pituitary gland and the body’s reflexes. It will strengthen the immune system and aid the heart. It is excellent as a wound healer and can also help to reduce scarring. Relieves insect bites. It aids bone growth and the hearing organs; very good for speech and hearing problems. It treats emphysema, asthma, auto-immune diseases and stomach ulcers. Also eases inflammation of joints and arthritis. Stimulates fertility. It also supports healthy liver and pancreas functions.

Rhodonite is an important companion stone for healers using psychic and intuitive energies, giving them strength, constancy and intent focus during healing sessions. It also provides protection from injury or permanent damage caused by the harmful or negative side effects of the energies they work with.


Tips for Using Rhodonite.

  • Rhodonite is most effective when placed on the Navel, the 2nd or Sacral Chakra and the 4th or Heart Chakra.
  • Wearing Rhodonite will promote the flow of unconditional spiritual love towards those you care about.
  • Rhodonite put around your workplace will help you to maintain your attention to detail.
  • Holding Rhodonite will help you to let go of anxiety and bring you peace of mind.
  • Carry Rhodonite, maybe a tumbled stone with you to ground the vibration and feeling of love in your physical world.
  • Keep Rhodonite nearby to experience happiness, joy and laughter.
  • Hold Rhodonite to help dispel anxiety and remain centred during challenging situations.
  • Wearing Rhodonite may assist with learning languages more easily.
  • Carry or wear Rhodonite to balance yin-yang energy.


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