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Rhodochrosite Meaning – General Information.

Rhodochrosite is also known as Inca Rose Stone and Raspberry Spar. An opaque stone with swirling patterns. Its colour varies from bright red to soft shades of pink because of the presence of manganese; frequently appearing with bands of white. Rhodochrosite has a Mohs Hardness of 3.5 – 4, with a trigonal crystal structure.

Rhodochrosite derives its name from the Greek rhodon – pink and chros – colour and was first referenced in 1813 in Cavnic, in present-day Romania.

Quality specimens are often carved and used as ornamental pieces and although it is used in jewellery, it is rarely faceted because it is soft and difficult to cut.




Rhodochrosite Meaning – History.

Inca belief has it that Rhodochrosite is the spilt blood of their former rulers, transformed into stone; therefore calling it “Rosa Del Inca” or “Inca Rose”.

Rhodochrosite is recognised as Argentina’s national gemstone and in 2002 was officially recognised as the official state mineral for Colorado, USA.

In industry, it is a predominant source of manganese ore, which is also a key component in the manufacture of low-cost stainless steel and certain aluminium alloys.


Rhodochrosite Meaning – Metaphysical Benefits.

Rhodochrosite is often referred to as the Stone of Love and Balance.  This stone is an excellent conductor of energy, emitting very strong love energy and providing balance on all levels. It carries flow and movement that combines physical and spiritual energies, inspiring selfless love and compassion whilst energising the soul and calming excessive passions.

Rhodochrosite is perfect for soothing and balancing mental and emotional processes and for sorting out inner conflicts. Because it brings a deep sense of relief from ongoing stress. It is a recognized Stone of Freedom.

Rhodochrosite opens and cleanses your heart, relieving depression and encouraging a positive and cheerful outlook.  It elevates your self-worth, promotes acceptance of your past, assists you in loving yourself and encourages a positive attitude, builds creativity and innovation, and enhances dream states. Useful in meditation and energy work as it helps to elevate your mind to a higher plane.

It invokes courage, will and passion and gives you strength supported by faith and trust. Rhodochrosite is an ideal crystal to work with during periods of transition. It helps to prevent repetitive thinking and to maintain a particular train of thought.

Rhodochrosite boosts your self-confidence and consequently it brings a sense of realistic balance to life. It helps to cope with life’s problems in a graceful and balanced manner without avoidance or denial. This crystal has the ability to help you focus on the ‘here and now’.


Rhodochrosite Meaning – Healing.

Rhodochrosite radiates Divine love and conveys a calm acceptance of all traumas, helping to release the need for self-censure. It also helps you acquire greater love and respect for yourself, together with the Earth and the Universe.

Rhodochrosite is a powerful healing stone. Furthermore it energizes and cleanses the base, sacral and heart chakras, soothes the nervous system, heals emotional wounds and stress-related illnesses. Rhodochrosite acts as an irritant filter, relieves asthma and respiratory troubles. It stabilises heartbeat and normalises blood pressure, also purifies the kidneys and circulatory system. In addition it invigorates the sexual organs and restores poor eyesight. It alleviates migraines, skin disorders, infections and also thyroid imbalances.


Tips for using Rhodochrosite.

  • Wear Rhodochrosite because it boosts your self-confidence.
  • Carry Rhodochrosite to find more passion in your life.
  • Place Rhodochrosite under or around your bed to enhance your sex life.
  • Hold and/or sleep with Rhodochrosite to provide comfort in times of emotional turmoil.
  • Wear Rhodochrosite to provide courage in times of need.
  • Having Rhodochrosite nearby promotes happy changes and also keeps life working well.
  • Wear Rhodochrosite to stimulate warm feelings of love and compassion.
  • Stimulate your intuition and creative processes with Rhodochrosite.
  • Keep Rhodochrosite nearby when you are tempted to take on too much and feel stressed out.
  • Add a couple of stones to your bathwater, because it’s a wonderful way to relax and de-stress.


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