Relax and Float – Water, Crystals and Inspiration.

The other day Sue and I were reviewing some older seminar notes. We discovered some notes about Dr. Masaru Emoto and his work with water. As a crystal healer, these notes reminded me of how important it is to relax and float.

The notes revealed the story of how he got into studying water. As a boy of about eight, he fell into some deep water. He had not learned how to swim yet. As a result, fear and panic overtook him and he flayed and fought against the water.

The more he did this the more trouble he was getting into. Fortunately, he was rescued and afterward his mother conveyed this wisdom to him. “My son the more you struggle against the force of the water the more it will sap your energy and the sooner you will be overcome and sink. But if you will learn to relax and float the water will support you and you will survive.” He took this on board and this whole experience is what began his fascination with water.

His experience also teaches us a valuable lesson. It serves as a valuable metaphor for the way we approach things. Especially the frustrating or more dire circumstances in our lives. The best way to get through is to relax and float.

His work has fascinated us for some time now. Especially his experiments with water crystals. He took water and exposed it to various elements. It is then frozen and its individual crystals photographed. After it crystalized the results were truly majestic.

Positive or Negative stimulation has an effect.

It’s interesting. The water exposed to positive stimulation displays elaborate and beautiful crystals. While the water subjected to negative stimulus displays unattractive, collapsed and lifeless crystals.

So, using words of love, inspiring music and inspirational thought, produce positive effects. Also, showing pictures of beauty. Plus, all things that uplift and support us also cause positive effects in the crystals. The opposite results by using hateful, negative and destructive language and imagery.

Up to 60% of our body is water. If thoughts can do that to water. Imagine what thoughts can do to us.

A thought. If as said, our emotions and feelings affect the world moment by moment. What would happen if we sent out positive words and images of beauty and creativity? Would we then be contributing to the creation of a beautiful world?

P.S. If you would like to find out more about Dr. Emoto and his work you could start with this link

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