Clear Quartz The Master Healer

Clear Quartz The Master Healer. 


Clear Quartz the master healer comes in many forms, from natural stones to clusters and points; from very small to very large. It is also available in many polished forms; tumbled stones, eggs, balls, polished points, and pyramids and sometimes sculpted into beautiful art pieces. Many people don’t buy Clear Quartz saying “it’s only Clear Quartz”. It may not be as pretty as some of the other crystals. However, it is a very useful and powerful crystal. In fact, it is referred to as The Master Healer.

Clear Quartz Configurations:

Hold Clear Quartz Points while meditating to enhance your experience. Points are also very useful when used in a healing layout. Also, the smaller points can amplify other crystals during crystal healing. Use bigger points to cast their energies into your environment and for decorating.


Clusters are useful as a decorating piece in a room; they will also put out calming and positive energy while adding to the appeal of a room. Place smaller clusters near to or on top of computers, fridges, and other electrical appliances. This will help to help counteract the emf’s coming from the appliances.

All the polished pieces are excellent as decorating pieces; not only do they look good, but they also give off great energy.

The humble tumbled Clear Quartz is great as a healing stone by itself or as an amplifier to other crystals.

Clear Quartz The Master Healer in Healing Work.

If you are having a hard time trying to obtain a crystal for a particular task, you could substitute Clear Quartz to do the job, as it is an excellent all-around healer.

Many crystal layouts can be used in healing work using Clear Quartz exclusively. A brilliant book on several of these layouts is “Laying on of Stones” by Melody.

In times of trouble, I always feel better by sitting and holding a Clear Quartz Point. I feel a sense of calm come over me, and I am also able to see the bigger picture and have clearer thoughts. These good feelings and thoughts are amplified if I meditate at the same time.

We have several large Quartz clusters placed around our house. Not only does it improve the environment and the energy about the place; people visiting often comment on how good the vibes feel at our place.


Placing a Clear Quartz point upon a goal or ambition written on a piece of paper always helps to amplify the intention and its vibration.

Do Clear Quartz Points have a story inside?

Most Clear Quartz points have a story inside them; just by looking at them, you will see all sorts of different images. Often you will see something different every time you look inside one.  Is this because we all see what we want to see or need to see? What you see is often very different from what others see.

I had one piece with a beautiful rainbow inside and when I showed it to friends; they were all surprised at its beauty, except two people who couldn’t see the rainbow as they were going through a very negative period of their lives. Could this be the reason that they couldn’t see the rainbow? The same has happened when I could see angels in a crystal and yet others who were in a negative frame of mind could only see blobs. It seems that apart from the story contained in a crystal, sometimes our perception of it is influenced by our attitude.

I have also noticed while selling crystals, that children are very attracted to Clear Quartz points. When Mum or Dad suggests a prettier or more colourful crystal, the children always insist they want the Quartz point. Could it be that they have come back to this earth with the knowledge of what Quartz crystals can do?

Clear Quartz has always been a favourite of mine. If you only ever buy one crystal I would suggest a Quartz as it is a master healer. I always carry one with me, either in my bag, in my pocket, or as jewellery.

Tips and Techniques for using Clear Quartz Crystal The Master Healer

Some practical ways in which you can use Clear Quartz The Master Healer.

Decorate your living room or office with a Clear Quartz cluster to bring light and happiness into your living and workspace.

Put Clear Quartz crystals on your desk or at your workstation to focus energy and inspiration toward your work.

Hold or tape Clear Quartz to any sore parts of your body to ease pain, as it is the ultimate healing crystal.

Have a Clear Quartz crystal next to or under your bed to re-energise you while you sleep.

Wear Clear Quartz to surround yourself with healing energy and ‘light’.

Meditate with Clear Quartz to calm and focus your mind.

Use Clear Quartz to balance your chakras.

Here is a very simple Chakra aligning technique using Clear Quartz:

This can be done standing, sitting, or lying down. Any Clear Quartz point may be employed for this, but I find one about the size of my big finger ideal. First, cleanse and clear your crystal.

Now point your crystal point at an area just below your feet and slowly draw it up along the centre line of your body ending just past the top of your head. In many cases, this is enough to restore balance and harmony. Just tune in to your intuition to determine if you need to expand your efforts. If so, reverse direction and follow back down to your feet. The beauty of this is that you can’t really overdo it, so just keep repeating until you sense you are back in good order. Under most normal circumstances though, you should find up and down three times to be sufficient.

Some people prefer to loop or snake between their chakras and this is quite acceptable also.

Clear Quartz as a sports aid.

Quartz is very well known as an energy amplifier and what’s not so often spoken about is that it is an energy sustainer when kept in proximity to the person or thing that requires this energy maintenance.

In older times long-distance and endurance runners would put pebbles in their mouth to sustain saliva production and keep their mouth moist. Savvy runners chose Quartz pebbles if available because they helped boost and maintain their energy output. Having a couple of pebble-sized Clear Quart in your mouth could be a great way of getting and sustaining that extra energy boost when needed. 


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