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Lapis Lazuli Heart.

Approx 5 cm wide.

Lapis Lazuli expands awareness and intellect and enhances psychic abilities. Protective, helps overcome depression and encourages creative expression.

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Lapis Lazuli Heart.

Lapis Lazuli Heart. Approx 5 cm wide.

An old folktale says that if you dream of Lapis, the person you love will be true to you forever, never straying and never breaking your heart.

Another old saying has it that a stone suspended on the forehead over the third eye will help develop and strengthen your psychic abilities, but use it with care as it is quite a powerful stone! Lapis Lazuli is a potent stone for those who seek spiritual development, as well as those pursuing understanding of their life’s purpose. It is also a protective stone that contacts guardian spirits. Lapis Lazuli brings an energy of friendship and truth. It also encourages harmony in relationships and helps you to be authentic and express your opinion openly.

Lapis Lazuli stimulates the consciousness toward the awakening of the perfection of the self and enhances creative self-expression. It is believed to increase mental clarity, virility, and calm, and is alleged to focus energy for teachers, lecturers and speakers. Further, it brings the enduring qualities of compassion, uprightness and honesty to your personality.

It is believed to be useful in relieving depression and promoting emotional healing and spirituality. Lapis can connect you to the knowing that you are part of ‘All that is.’ Lapis Lazuli is also powerful aid during meditation.

The stone works as a shield from psychic attacks. It will help in wiping out any part of the past, in this life, or others that you are still carrying but should let go of. It eliminates negative emotions.


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