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Polished Crystals

Polished Crystals – includes a range of cut and polished stones often used for healing purposes. These items are also used for decorating and enhancing energy flow in personal areas such as your home and office. Furthermore, doing so will imbue your space with their healing, harmonising and vitalising energies.

Among them are: Crystal Spheres or Balls, Crystal Pyramids, Crystal Eggs, Polished Points, Crystal Hearts and Crystal Wands.

These polished crystals have been cut and polished into a specific shape that will further enhance its natural healing properties.

Wands and eggs are often used to augment healing by being used to massage affected areas. Or for use in acupressure. Polished points may be used to direct healing energies into or out of specific areas. Hearts and pyramids are excellent meditation aids and also make beautiful gifts. Spheres are often used for scrying.

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