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Natural Clear Quartz Generator Point.
Approx 21 cm long x 5 cm wide. Plus additional point on the side.

A powerful and versatile crystal, revered for its amplifying properties and its excellent metaphysical properties.

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Clear Quartz Generator Point.


Natural Clear Quartz Generator Point. Approx 21 cm long x 5 cm wide. Plus additional point on the side.

A Clear Quartz Generator Point is a powerful and versatile crystal, and revered for its amplifying properties. It has a unique formation, that features a six-sided point terminating at one end and a raw base at the other. Generators also carry a very strong vibration energy and have excellent metaphysical properties.

Easy to program and useful for a multitude of purposes. It stores information like a natural computer. Clear Quartz is also the most powerful, versatile, and multipurpose healing stone available. It can be useful for any and all conditions.

Clear Quartz, also known as the master healer, is capable of amplifying and enhancing energy and intentions. By working with a Clear Quartz Generator Point, you can magnify your intentions. Also, cleanse and balance your energy, and rouse your spiritual consciousness. Furthermore, it is the ultimate crystal because it has so many uses.


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