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Crystal Kits

Crystal kits – each contains 5 selected crystals that are appropriate for the chosen condition or situation. Plus you get a lovely bag to hold them in, along with an information card highlighting the stones strengths and benefits.

You can receive the benefits your Crystal Kit by placing it under your pillow, in your pocket or in your handbag. Also, they can be used by anyone, of any age.
These kits also make perfect gifts for family and friends. What an excellent way to share the beauty of crystals and their healing properties.

Browse our extensive range of kits below. Colours of bags may vary from the ones displayed.

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Peace and Tranquillity Kit

Peace & Tranquillity Kit:
Lepidolite - stone of deep relaxation and tranquillity
Jade - the ultimate stone of calm, serenity and balance
Amethyst - stone of spirituality and contentment
Rose Quartz - instils harmony, acceptance and peace
Sodalite - clears up mental confusion, brings inner peace


Max: 3
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Protection Kit

Protection Kit:
Obsidian – shields negativity, highly protective
Tiger Eye – very powerful stone of protection
Agate – provides excellent protective energy
Bloodstone – protective and grounding, the hero’s stone
Jasper – brings protection, safety and healing

Max: 1
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Self Confidence Kit

Self Confidence Kit:
Onyx - brings self confidence, the stone of self control
Hematite - strengthens self esteem and self confidence
Sunstone - promotes self worth, enthusiasm and optimism
Amazonite - allows heartfelt expression, brings confidence
Iolite - stimulates inner strength and confidence

Max: 1
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Stress Kit

Stress Kit:
Smokey Quartz - relieves stress and depression
Moss Agate - lessens stress, instils tolerance
Agate - helps overcome stress and inner anger
Amethyst - brings tolerance and calm, relieves stress
Aventurine - heals the heart, mind and soul, relieves stress

Max: 3
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Study Kit

Study Kit:
Hematite - stone of the mind, aids memory, problem solving, original thinking and maths
Carnelian - brings analytical capabilities and concentration
Fluorite - helps absorb information, a good brain stone
Amethyst - fosters a clear and focused mind, assists memory
Smokey Quartz - encourages concentration and calmness

Max: 2
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Success Kit

Success Kit:
Tiger Eye - helps one to reach goals, promotes clarity
Garnet - the stone of success, wealth and abundance
Carnelian - an excellent career stone, encourages positive life choices
Citrine - brings success, optimism and a positive attitude
Aventurine - amplifies leadership qualities

Max: 3
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Tourmaline Gridding Kit

Tourmaline Gridding Kit:

Contains 4 pieces of Black Tourmaline or Schorl.
It is excellent for grounding excess energy and dispelling negative energy.

Max: 1
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Travel Kit

Travel Kit:
Moonstone - provides protection while travelling
Aquamarine - renders safe travel over water
Turquoise - a stone of protection for long journeys
Amethyst - provides safety in all forms of travel
Tiger Eye - protective travel stone

Max: 3
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Vitality Kit

Vitality Kit:
Carnelian - increases physical energy and life force, brings motivation
Garnet - increases vitality, stamina and strength
Sunstone - bringer of energy, vitality and enthusiasm
Onyx - provides vigour, stamina and enthusiasm
Dalmatian Jasper - enhances stamina and determination

Max: 1
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Wellbeing Kit

Wellbeing Kit:
Clear Quartz - the most powerful healer, balances the mind and body
Aventurine - healer of the heart, the mind and the soul
Garnet - purifies and balances energy, repels negativity
Turquoise - assists in the healing of the whole body
Onyx - balances yin and yang energies within the body

Max: 2
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Wisdom Kit

Wisdom Kit:
Jade - a symbol of wisdom gathered in tranquillity
Clear Quartz - bestows wisdom and emotional stability
Lapis Lazuli - a stone of wisdom, truth and awareness
Amethyst - promotes spirituality and wisdom
Turquoise - brings wisdom and incites self honesty

Max: 2
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