Preparing for a Crystal Healing.

Are you involved in Crystal Healing? Then preparing for a crystal healing is essential. Whether it is just for yourself, your family and friends or professionally with clients, you will need to be prepared. This means you will need to have a clean and amenable space to work in. For this, you can set aside an area within your house for this purpose. It could be just a part of a room, or you may be able to set aside a whole room for crystal healing. Or on a more professional level, to have premises set up along clinical lines. In any event, these need to be thoroughly clean and well presented.



It should go without saying that this area needs to be regularly cleaned. As in dusted, swept or vacuumed and kept in an orderly and neat fashion. Massage table or bed coverings need changing after each person or session.

Make sure that your clothing is appropriate and clean as well. Also, be aware of the effects your perfume or aftershave may have on your client.

Appearances do matter.

In all events, this subject is really just a matter of common sense and being aware of the needs of others. Just as you know yourself how you would judge a visit to a doctor. For example, on arrival at premises where it’s neat, clean and tidy and with a professional air about it, you are immediately at ease and comfortable with your choice. However, if the place is dingy, dirty and lacking any sense of professionalism, you would just want to get out and that is probably what you would do.

You could also consider energetically cleansing this area as well. You can achieve this by smudging with White Sage. Or you can also achieve this by burning Frankincense or White Sage Incense Sticks.

And I hope it goes without saying that you have cleansed your crystals as well. This should be done after each use.




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