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Prasiolite Meaning – General Information and History.

Prasiolite is a unique and captivating variety of Quartz, known for its beautiful green hue.

The word Prasiolite means leek green-colored stone; derived from the Greek πράσον prason meaning leek and λίθος lithos meaning stone. And so named for its green-coloured appearance. It appears in various shades of green and belongs to the trigonal crystal system, with a Mohs scale hardness of 7. Prasiolite was first discovered in Silesia, Poland in the early 1800’s.

Prasiolite does not have a rich historical background. Primarily because its green colouring is often the result of heat treatment and this was unknown in ancient times. However, it has some history of use in jewellery, and also as a symbol of power and protection. In modern times, Prasiolite has gained popularity for use in contemporary jewellery designs. Its distinctive green colour has made it a desirable choice when seeking a touch of elegance in jewellery, whether for fashion or spiritual purposes.

Modern-day history says, that psychics, shamans, and seers use Prasiolite for communication with otherworldly beings.


Prasiolite Meaning – Metaphysical Benefits.

Prasiolite has a calming energy that brings peace, happiness and harmony, as well as inspiring love and compassion. It helps ground us while connecting us with Divine Love. Furthermore, it can help open us to the Divine Mystery. It increases intuition and as a stone of transformation, invites us to become more of who we truly are. Energetically, it attracts positivity, prosperity and self-respect along with beauty, abundance, intuition, protection, and wisdom.

Promotes self-awareness and personal growth. It also improves your focus and enhances mental clarity and memory. Prasiolite also encourages emotional well-being and provides a balance between emotions and reason. It fosters understanding between individuals, which facilitates positive relationships with others.


Prasiolite Meaning – Healing.

Prasiolite can help cleanse the body and help rid it of all kinds of toxins. It is beneficial for treating tumours, ulcers, growths, and blockages. It is also helpful in neutralizing stomach acid, and helping with the absorption of nutrients. Also, helps you balance your emotions and provides a greater sense of calm and peace. As a natural stress reliever, it is settling for your energy and physical systems. Assists healing by helping to relieve stress and tension. It helps with fertility. It also has a positive influence on the brain and central nervous system.


Tips for Using Prasiolite.

  • Place Prasiolite on crystal altars and in crystal grids for its amplifying energies.
  • Carry Prasiolite if you struggle with self-esteem issues.
  • Wear Prasiolite as jewellery or carry it to help free yourself from an emotionally abusive relationship.
  • Keep Prasiolite nearby to correct bad lifestyle habits.
  • Carry Prasiolite in your pocket or bag to prevent negative energy from affecting you.
  • With Prasiolite by your side, you’ll learn to be grateful, appreciative, and mindful of others and yourself.
  • Sleep with Prasiolite under your pillow to help promote peace of mind.
  • Have Prasiolite at your workplace to assist with decision-making.
  • Meditate with Prasiolite to experience more of your true self.


Prasiolite meaning
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