Modern Day technology – is it a friend or foe?


The blessing of the 21st century is a vast array of modern-day technology that is helping us in our daily lives in a great many ways. In fact, it has changed the very way we interact with each other and especially the way we do business.

Telephone calls were hard-wired and expensive and often hard to connect. Today we carry our phones with us and we give little thought to the cost. In fact, many of us are communicating all around the world, practically for free, thanks to our internet connection.

No longer does it take days to weeks for us to get a message or an important piece of information (especially written) to a friend or business associate. Now we can get it there in the blink of an eye on the internet.

We used to get together and gather with friends in our local community. Today we have hundreds of friends in our virtual worlds like Facebook and Utube.

The world has opened up to us and is free for us to explore. This is a wonderful thing!

Electrical power is available to us in all our buildings at the flick of a switch.

X-rays and scans are able to see inside our bodies, making for much more reliable medical diagnoses.

Our phones can be attached to our ears making it easy to communicate while we go about doing other things.

Computers have shrunk to the size of notebooks. Also, they are more powerful than we ever imagined and have become our interface with artificial intelligence and cyberspace.


We Rely on Modern-Day Technology.

Because they make it so easy for us to conduct business and interact with friends, we have come to rely on them more and more. Now we even watch TV and play games on them – keeping us in their domain for many hours a day.

Electricity, computers, and all the rest of our modern-day technology have in many ways made our lives easier and more productive. Most of us today, couldn’t get by without them. However, they have a downside. They put out electromagnetic emissions in the form of radiation and frequencies, EMR, EMFs, or electromagnetic smog.

Most of these in a small dose do little to no damage. However, frequent or longer periods of exposure to them present a very different story.


And this is Our Quandary.

Some say that we are becoming more robotic and less human, as we rely upon our technology. A statement that I don’t fully agree with. However, we do seem to forget at times about our human nature. And especially the fact that we are a living bio-organic mechanical system. One that is far more complex and advanced than even the best of our modern technology.

We have a system that in its natural environment is extremely hard to put out of kilter. Especially as it is exceptionally intelligent, self-regulating, and renewing. With an adequate supply of good fresh air, food, water, and sunshine, it will hum along beautifully. But introduce a discordant vibration or frequency like electromagnetic smog and it will begin to malfunction. Maintain longer and more frequent exposure and it will act up and break down.

Perhaps you have noticed that you tire easily, get a headache, or lose concentration. Maybe you get sore scratchy eyes as you sit in front of your computer for example. Also, the longer you spend with your computer, the worse it gets. Well, this is the effect of electromagnetic intrusion into your systems and long-term exposure can be very detrimental.

And this is the dilemma that many among us are totally unaware of as we spend more time with our technologies. We are designed to operate optimally in concert with Mother Nature. Fortunately, it is she who has come to our rescue.


Some Natural Solutions.

Following are some Natural Solutions to help negate or at least minimise the harmful effects of EMF, EMR, electronic smog, and excessive positive ion output generated by electronic equipment. These solutions provide some extra health benefits as well.


Himalayan Salt Crystal Lamps.

Have at least one of these in your work area as well as extras in your home. This not only reduces the negative effects of your electronic equipment but also charges your air with negative ions. In this case negative is good!

Here’s a quick example for an easy understanding of this benefit. Have you noticed how uplifted, re-vitalised and buoyant you feel when you’re at the beach, near a waterfall, or in a rainforest? This is because there is an excess of negative ions in the air in these environments.

Then on days when the westerly winds blow, you notice that you get scratchy, itchy, a little short-tempered, and sometimes a little vague as well. This is because the air is charged with positive ions which have this effect on us.

More information about Himalayan Salt Lamps is available here.




Crystals Help to Minimize Electromagnetic Pollution.

Placing Crystals or gemstones like Lepidolite, Lepidolite Mica, Smokey Quartz, Amazonite, Jasper, Sodalite and Black Tourmaline on or around your equipment will minimize electromagnetic pollution. It is also a good idea to place these stones around the four corners of your house or office. Especially the Black Tourmaline to help reduce electromagnetic and geopathic stress.

Placing larger crystal pieces like geodes, clusters, and large chunks into the environment is very effective. Placing them in your office or home provides an effective reduction of the unwanted by-products of our equipment. Their placement also adds a harmonious and positive vibration. This makes it easier for us to work and concentrate in a relaxed, cooperative, and attentive manner. This usually increases our productivity, which usually increases our profit.

So now we have the opportunity to make the most of our modern lifestyle. And we also have ways of doing business in a safe, healthy, and effective manner by combining our technologies with Mother Nature’s solutions.


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© Ron and Sue Windred.
Disclaimer: The outlined metaphysical and healing properties in this website are for inspiration and reference. We gather this information and alleged properties from writings, books, folklore and various other sources. They are also dependent upon the attitude and beliefs of the individual. Furthermore they do not replace diagnosis or treatment by a qualified therapist or physician.

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