Mindfulness Beads Crystal Beads Used as a Meditation Aid.


Lynne wrote to us with a wonderful idea which she said we could share with you. She uses her crystal beads to help her meditate. Basically, a set of mindfulness beads similar to a traditional Rosary or a set of Mala beads to help her meditate.

G’day Ron
Thank you for your efficient and quick service and your lovely crystals. Let me also say how much I enjoy reading the newsletters and referring back through them. Also, thanks for your advice with the proper care of my crystals and for assuring me that I was doing things right.

Just as an aside, may I also share one of the other things I do with my crystals. I have collected various crystals in bead form and strung them together. Though I am not Catholic, I think I must use them like Rosary Beads, while meditating. I found emptying my mind of chitter-chatter very difficult, so now I concentrate on a thought for each bead as I move through the sequence. For example, Lapis Lazuli for the night sky, Carnelian for a sunset, Obsidian for perseverance, Rose Quartz for love, Citrine for Truth & Warmth of the Sun, Moonstone for moonlight, etc.  And one to represent each family member to send positive good thoughts to.  Not a traditional meditation, but very rewarding.

                                                    Meditation Beads. Photo supplied by Lynne


Mindfulness Beads also known as Mala Beads.

If you meditate regularly or practice yoga, you may have come across mindfulness beads or Mala beads before. They are a type of prayer beads that have been used for centuries by a range of religions.

Today, they are often used as an aid to meditation without any religious connection. Traditionally they include 108 beads in addition to a lead bead, which is larger than the rest of the beads. Sometimes this is replaced by a tassel. Half sets with 54 beads are also popular. There are 59 beads in a Catholic Rosary.

The intention behind using the beads is to help us hold our attention, or say our prayers. It is this aspect of holding attention or concentration that is so useful as an assist to meditation. This can be particularly helpful for those who have difficulty staying focused during meditation, or for those who are new to it.

As Lynne explained using crystal beads while meditating helped her concentrate and she found it very rewarding.

There are three ways that using crystal beads can help make meditation easier:

  1. Moving your fingers repetitively across the beads helps to ground you.
  2. Controlling your breath. You can use each bead to complete one full breath (inhale and exhale).
  3. If you say a mantra, then touching each bead helps you keep track of how many times you have repeated it. Also, as you go around, each crystal reminds you of the point of focus you want to dwell upon. It helps you hold your thought.

Some benefits of using crystal beads in this fashion include helping you with different aspects of meditation. Also, an increase in a range of health benefits including reduced stress levels, improved sleep, and lower blood pressure, amongst other things.


                                                        Photo by Michael Walk on Unsplash

A Simple Set of
Mindfulness Beads.

As Lynne did, you can make your own string of beads using those that carry a particular meaning for you.

It occurred to me that our Crystal Bead Bracelets would also make a good alternative to use.

Whether using the chip bracelets or the polished bead bracelets, you could tie a piece of string onto it to act as a starting and finishing point.

Now how you use them is up to you. You can use them to keep a count of the number of repetitions. Assign a particular meaning to each of the stones. Or use them to remember the subject(s) of your meditation.

The beauty of this is that you can create a set of Mindfulness Beads that are useful and meaningful to you. What’s more, they are convenient to use and carry – they’re available at your wrist.

Remember, you’re in charge, so you can assign the use, significance and meaning to each crystal as you see fit. Your personal mindfulness beads and their use carry no disrespect to traditional Rosary and Mala.

Another way you could employ your beads is to look at the energies they represent. For example, if you want to pursue the power of love, you could use a Love Bracelet. You could take this further and meditate upon the vibe of the individual beads in the Love Bracelet:

Garnet – commitment, love and devotion, inspire mutual attraction and spirituality.
Rhodonite – bring love and passion into action.
Rose Quartz – unconditional love and peace, bringing trust and harmony into relationships.
Carnelian – attracts divine love and sensuality.
Clear Quartz – amplifies energies of other stones. Use to connect all of these energies into a powerful and deep personal outcome.

Mindfulness Beads


Why Not Use a Meditation Bracelet for Your Mindfulness Beads?

Apart from the overall theme of meditation to assist you in achieving your best result, it can be enhanced by the individual attributes of the crystals. Or you could give extra attention to the properties of each crystal as you go along.

Prehnite – help promote harmony, clear the mind.
Apatite – deepen and maintain your meditation focus.
Lapis Lazuli – to help you enter meditation more easily and convey calmness and tranquillity.
Amethyst – foster soothing, calming and peaceful meditations, clear an overactive mind.
Clear Quartz – Clear Quartz – amplify the energy of other stones. Can provide a stronger spiritual connection in meditation.


A Chunkier Version of Mindfulness Beads.

If you don’t mind a chunkier version, you could join together wire cages and fill them with any tumbled stones of your choice. Also, you can join any number of stones that you feel would be appropriate, or you could comfortably handle.  Or you could connect them to an existing bracelet and use them as highlighters while you are meditating.


In Conclusion.

Crystal Mindfulness Beads are pretty to look at as well as being soothing to touch. But they are also powerful tools that can help guide and enhance your meditation practices.

Many people who use them to meditate find that they improve their concentration and also help promote a more beneficial experience.


PS Lynnes ‘Blessing Beads’ or Mindfulness Beads

Just after I finished writing this article I received further information from Lynne, so I thought it appropriate to add it on to complete the narrative. Lynne lists her Blessing Beads and her understanding of what they represent for her. Naturally, we can all assemble our own set and provide our own representations. Having read her list they could just as easily be called Gratitude Beads as it is a list of all the things we should be thankful for.

It was really nice talking with you last night about my “Blessing Beads”. I use them nearly every day.  On the end is a circle of nine crystals representing nine of us in our family, and a ring on the other end to hang it up. I will be most interested to hear your comments.

This is the list of my string of beads –

Large Carved Rose Quartz – for Universal Love

Rose Quartz bead – for Family Love

Jade – representing my husband, love of my life, & sending positive thoughts to him

Green Crystal – to send positivity to our elder daughter (she loves Emeralds)

A Cloisonné Bead – Life is what you make it.  If it’s to be, it’s up to me!

Round Rose Quartz – love for friends and people like retail assistants, waiters, etc

Carnelian – all the Seasons especially Autumn

Howlite – gentle Dream Wisdom and what they could mean

Onyx – Stability.  Weathering the storms of life

Fluorite – Protection

Snowflake Obsidian – Everything is transient like a melting snowflake

Agate – Any current situation needing some thought

Rhyolite – Release any anger felt against anyone

Blue Lace Agate – Hope and Unity. Gratitude for life’s blessings

Malachite – Purification and Loyalty

A Midway Point

A CLOUDY LARGE STONE (Agate I think) – The Universe. Representing the fact that we cannot understand “the all”.  Midway through my meditation.

Citrine – Truth, and the warmth of the sun on a waving field of wheat or sunflowers

Peridot – for Healing, body & mind

Moonstone – Good Fortune, and moonlight shimmering on the water.

Tiger Eye – Balance (male/female, yin/yang, as above/below)

Turquoise – Oceans, Cool Clear Water, Waves on the sand. Sea breezes

Amethyst – Wisdom, Spirituality and Peace

A pearl – Every life has tears, sadness and loss at times

Jasper – Contentment at Sunset after the day is done

Hematite – Logic and Concentration

Clear Quartz – Positive Power

Lapis Lazuli – Tranquillity of the Night Sky with Stars

Sunstone – Japanese Zen Gardens and Patterns in the Sand

Moonstone – daughter-in-law, Little Green Crystal flower – granddaughter, Jade – son.

To send positive thoughts and energy to them. Granddaughter has her parents on either side of her.                                                    

3 different size Clear Crystals to represent younger daughter, son-in-law & grandson, & sending positivity to each of them too.  Once again, grandson in between his parents.

Finishing the same as the beginning with a Rose Quartz bead for Family Love, and a larger Rose Quartz for Universal Love, thus starting and finishing with love.



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