Light vs Dark. Who Will Win?



Light vs Dark. Who Will Win? This Q & A is really a story about dealing with an unwanted psychic attack, also what some call black magic. Luckily, there are some crystals that are very effective in dealing with this. But as is often the case, your physical and mental demeanor plays a big role as well.

Q. The other day at the markets a lady approached us and asked if we had a crystal or crystals that could help her daughter. Her daughter had separated from her husband and was seeking a divorce. But since she left, he has been actively using malice and black magic against her. Her life has become a misery and she has become very fearful and ill.

I arranged to speak with her daughter as I felt I needed some clarification before answering; things like, was she still living in the same home that she shared with her husband? Also, are there children involved and where did they stay most of the time? Were any of her husband’s things still at the house?

Light vs Dark 

A. Typically there is often more to the answer than just naming a few crystals, as there was in this case. While his personal possessions were still in the house these provided a strong energetic link into the house. So she was advised to have him remove them all, or do it herself and give them to him. Even if it meant putting them on the footpath if he refused to take them.

The house would then need a thorough energetic cleanse, smudging was recommended. This would remove his imprint and lingering connections. Once completed, then he should not be allowed to re-enter the premises. Even when returning the kids. Set up two sets of things for the kids, one for dad’s place and one for mum’s and don’t let them get intermingled except for the clothes they wear between these locations. Otherwise, these items could be used to get through or weaken her protective barriers, similar to a Trojan horse.

Now with these taken care of, we could look at some crystals that would be of help. The immediate concern was for protection and deflection of negative and unwanted energy and attention.

Crystals to help in the Light vs Dark battle.

In this instance, I suggested she wear a Smokey Quartz pendant as her personal shield, ramped up with a Smokey Quartz chip bead bracelet. That a Black Tourmaline grid be established using the corners of the property and another be set at the house itself: Then a Selenite and Black Obsidian grid be established in her bedroom.

To help boost her esteem and personal energy I suggested she sleep with and also carry Rose Quartz and Clear Quartz and place a largish Amethyst in her living room.

light vs dark

All of these crystals would also help her with controlling her emotions and the addition of Jet would assist in controlling her fear. She should carry the Jet with her all the time. The better she can control her fear, the harder it will be for her husband to influence and cause her distress.

These actions and crystals should go a long way to providing her with protection. But this next bit of advice should complete the field for her. Part of her problem was that she was trying to fight fire with fire. However, she was responding from fear. She was using anger, threats, and bad language back at him. And because he was consciously using dark energies, by doing this she was only adding to his store.

A key bit of advice in the Light vs Dark battle

This is a key bit of advice for all of us in any undesirable situation, and especially for her in this situation. My advice – do all she could to turn herself into a beacon of Light, a beacon of Love. Good/Love always wins … Light always overcomes the dark. You have never heard of a darkness switch, have you? You only ever hear of a light switch.

When you reduce yourself to a lower level and try to fight it out – then in every case the stronger, the meanest, the most malicious wins. It really is survival of the strongest. In this lady’s case, being puny compared to her estranged husband, he was putting it all over her.

But as soon as you give up (this is a whole lot different to give in) the battle and move up into the energy of the Light. When you do this and you shine as bright as you can – you extinguish the darkness. It seems very hard to do at first, however, the more you get into it, the easier it becomes. You need to forgive, to seek out and acknowledge the best in the other party and shower them with love. This does not mean that you let your guard down. Or even that you minimize the efforts of the other party for doing harm. Rather that you no longer accept their behaviour, or empower them by responding in like manner.

The quickest and surest way to personal peace

Spiritual leaders throughout history have implored us to “love our enemies”. This has proven itself as it is the quickest and surest way to personal and world peace.

Actually, if we could be really good at this we wouldn’t need our crystals to bolster our efforts. Unfortunately, though, we’re human and our emotions do get the better of us, so we need all the help we can get. And that was part of the reason for the choice of these crystals. They will help her step up her vibration and lift her game. Especially her health and vital energy and love. Most importantly, this would enable her to be there more for herself and also for her children.

It is far more preferable to deflect the onslaught of negativity and hostility being sent her way than it is trying to withstand it.


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