Light Transmission Crystals – Uplifting the Spirit with Light and Love.


Each of these light transmission crystals has been chosen for its ability to attract, store and reflect the vibrational frequencies of love and light into the ether. As well as making their abilities available for us to use and evolve ourselves for the better.

They also introduce the energies of joy, harmony, and stability, as well as the ability to uplift the spirit. 

Light Transmission Crystals

Light transmission crystals or light element healing crystals also carry enlightenment. Literally and metaphorically they can transcend your soul via the right pathways of light.

There are many crystals that can fulfil this role, but here we have chosen some of the most popular and well-known among them.

10 Light Transmission Crystals:


Amethyst clears negative energy. It has a super high vibration that helps us tap into our intuition and also connects us to the higher planes of existence. Its energy also helps to uplift the spirit.


Citrine energizes your power centre and accesses the element of light, helping to awaken your inner self and broadening your psyche. It lights the candle of wisdom from within. It also helps you stand firmly within your personal power and to establish healthy boundaries.


Clear Quartz is the master healer of the crystal realm. It amplifies energy, thoughts, and vibrations. It also connects you with your higher self, intuition, and spirit guides.


Diamond is traditionally a symbol of light and love, also faithfulness, purity, and innocence. Throughout millennia its brightness and reflection have been used to cleanse our energies as well as helping us shine and reveal our inner light.



Labradorite is a spectacular crystal with somewhat mysterious powers. A grounding stone with vast powers to calm and stabilize you. It is able to fill you with happiness just like the first rays of sunlight.


Moonstone is an ethereal crystal, power-packed with energies to heal and enlighten your soul. Furthermore, it helps you to power ahead with light-sharing elements to help find the truths about life.


Peridot is a powerful light-emitting crystal due to its powerful effects. A truly auspicious heart stone, it spreads cheer and makes you feel safe, happy, and light.


Rose Quartz enhances all types of love – self-love, love for others, and unconditional love. It raises self-esteem, restores confidence, brings emotional balance, and also releases stress, tension, and anger.


Selenite, according to legend, is the liquid light the creator made that fell and scattered all over the earth before he made sentient life. It will guide you to the true source of light and dissemination of love.


Topaz is a light-emitting crystal that emits energetic and enthusiastic vibrations or energies. Likewise, it can light up your spirit and encourage you to take on a new life.





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