Light and Love are what is Required Now!


Well, we have made it into June 2020. So far, this year has created a roller coaster of emotions as we have had to deal with the many unusual circumstances that surround us. As I step out into my community, I find confusion and frustration among the populace. Right now, what the world needs is a whole lot more light and love!

Bushfires and devastation, drought, pandemic and all the regulation and isolation requirements, and now protests and riots. Frustration, fear, rebellion, and reprisal are taking hold.

Many of us have forgotten some of the simple rules of manifestation and the creation of our reality, namely:

What we think and speak becomes our experience – our reality. (Choose your words wisely)

Energy flows where attention goes.

What you resist, persists.

We are emotional beings – we either control our emotions, or our emotions control us. Our emotions determine our state of being.

We can quickly bring others along with us when we back our thoughts and words with strong emotion. Or just as quickly set them against us.

Enough said.

The Important Question Is – What Role Can I Play?

Am I going to add more negative energy into the mix and add to the chaos, or am I going to take a positive stance and do my bit to increase the energy of love and light?

It was Mother Theresa who said — ‘I will never attend an anti-war rally; if you have a peace rally, invite me.’ She understood the power of energy direction. She didn’t want more war she wanted more peace.

It is far wiser to direct our energy to what we want than to add momentum to what we don’t want. In Mother Theresa’s case, she wanted more peace. It is for this same reason that she kept her attention upon healing, not poverty and sickness.

It is so easy to be anti-something, but it requires a lot more from us to be for something. We need clarity and to take responsibility for our own thoughts and actions. And hopefully to keep them for the good.

The recent riots/protests in America were proclaiming that ‘black lives matter’ as they then set about causing mayhem, destruction, and further deaths within their community. What this moment really requires is a calming down and redirection of out-of-control emotions.

So, what can we do to restore brotherly love and respectful humanity? What can we do to further the cause of LIFE matters—ALL LIFE MATTERS!

Forgive me for my little rant above, but right now there are some things that we can do that can make a difference.

By bringing more light and love into our beingness, we can then help by broadcasting it out into our family and our community.

As we move into a lifting of restrictions here in Australia, let’s keep the forward movement by adding as many positive energies as we can.

Bringing Light Activities.

There are a number of ‘bringing light’ activities that we can do to move more love and light into our homes and also onto the planet.

It is as I am writing this that I realised some of my actions of late must have been an unconscious desire to contribute to the cause of light. There may be some of these you might like to do also.

For starters, what I was led to writing here. In a way, my words could be compared to journaling. Writing down your thoughts is a great way of getting them out of your system. If you have a hard time expressing yourself in a positive manner, then by all means just get it down. This gets it out of your system. If you now want to convert your negative words into positive action – burn the paper, in a safe place of course, and send them on in love and light. It’s amazing what a positive impact this has on your psyche.

Certain incenses have a profound impact upon my psyche, uplifting my energy while making me feel more peaceful and relaxed. Consider burning more of your favourite incense.

Burning a candle as a symbol for the light as well as actually adding more light into your space. The more intention you can add to this the better. You can sit in front of it and direct more love energy to be dispersed and used as needed. It is most interesting to watch the flame grow as you do this.

Charging water with positive affirmations and drinking and releasing it into waterways. Water is a great cleanser and carrier of information. It also carries a primary role in our very life and survival.

Meditation and Prayer and Invocation.

I have found myself meditating more often and for longer.

Never underestimate the power of prayer in these circumstances.

Employing Your Crystals to bring in more light and love, peace and harmony.

I noticed that I have been cleaning and handling my crystals a lot more in recent times. This undoubtedly helps them to radiate their energies for us to share. Also, first and foremost, everything begins with us personally, as individuals. The more we do for ourselves the more we can do for others. So, while I’m cleaning and handling my crystals, I am taking on board their energies. At the same time, I am helping them to spread their vibrations out into the environment.

Using crystals and water at the same time really compounds their effectiveness. Drinking crystal water or elixir is a wonderful way of contributing to the spread of positive energies into the world. Light and love are also carried in water and through crystals.

You can program your crystals to transmit more light and love into the world. An easy way to do this is to sit with it and transmit the thought of light and love into it; then further asking that it spreads out into the world.

Or you could create a crystal grid. A simple one crystal grid is to place a piece of paper with your message under a Clear Quartz. A natural point, a polished point, or a cluster are most suitable, but a rough piece or a tumbled stone also works well. As an example, you could write, I wish for more light and love in the world. Or you could just write the word ‘love’ or ‘light’ to project or transmit it.

Or you may want to amp this up by using this as a centre and placing additional crystals around it. You could just use two, set on opposite sides, or four spaced out in quarters. Or you could use twelve spaced out like the face of a clock.

Carry a Personal ‘Light and Love Crystal’.

Choose a crystal that appeals to you as a suitable candidate for this role. As an example, you might choose a Rose Quartz tumbled stone, or jewellery piece. Then every time you handle it, it can act as a reminder to stay with love and light and share it into the world. You can build powerful energy vibrations in this way.

There are also several crystals that are very proficient light transmission crystals that you might like to consider using as well.







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