Insomnia Relief with Crystals. Get Restful Sleep.


You can get insomnia relief with crystals. You do this by placing your selection of any one or two of the following crystals under your pillow at night. Agate, Amethyst, Celestite, Charoite, Hematite, Howlite, Lapis Lazuli, Lepidolite, Moonstone, Muscovite, Sodalite, or Topaz.

If this is insufficient, additional crystals can be added underneath the corners of your mattress. Or they may be placed in the corners of your room, especially if outside influences are causing the problem.

A Crystal Grid Provides Insomnia Relief.

If your insomnia is being caused by geopathic stress you may need to grid the corners of your house. Using any of the following crystals will help you achieve this. Amazonite, Amethyst, Brown Jasper, Kunzite, Smokey Quartz, Black Tourmaline, or Selenite.

Electromagnetic pollution can also play havoc on a good night’s sleep. You can neutralize this by gridding the house as above, and/or by placing stones on or around your electrical appliances. Lepidolite is also very effective in this case, but the Amethyst is less effective.

You will achieve your best results if you grid using just one type of crystal. You can place a different one under your pillow. However, a variety of stones may be used around your appliances.

If your sleeplessness is due to a particular problem such as an upset stomach, or a migraine headache consider selecting a crystal that will ease the problem and take it to bed with you.

If you are just not sleeping as well as you would like, then an effective way to get a solid, soothing night’s sleep, is to place a large piece of Rose Quartz or Selenite close to each corner of your bed. Now, this is particularly effective for a child’s bed or cot. If the child is old enough, you can also place a crystal under their pillow.

If your insomnia or a child’s, is due to feelings of insecurity, fears – known and unknown, or night terrors, then you may calm these by placing a Mangano Calcite, Moss Agate or a Smokey Quartz under the pillow or mattress.  When nightmares are the cause of a disturbed night’s sleep, relief may be at hand by keeping any of these under your pillow; Amethyst, Celestite, Chrysoprase, Hematite, Jet, Mangano Calcite, Prehnite, Ruby, Turquoise, or Smokey Quartz.


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