In Need of Healing, But Getting In His Own Way of Crystal Healing Working.


Why doesn’t Crystal Healing work? Not Believing Can Get In The Way Of Crystal Healing Working; no matter how much in need of healing you are!

Sometimes, some people are so shut down and closed off that Crystal Healing doesn’t work, and for that matter, nothing will!   

One of our clients contacted me, desperately asking if I could see her brother. She said he really was desperately in need of healing, so could I fit him in for a Crystal Healing. Or at least meet with him and advise him what crystals would be able to help him.

Too Shut Down to Help.

They arrived at the appointed time and I could see immediately that he didn’t want to be here. It was obvious he was here against his will, yet somehow compliant with his sister’s wishes. Under these circumstances, it would be foolish to try to go ahead, even with recommending some crystals. It didn’t matter how in need of healing he was.

Apparently, he had reluctantly complied before. Moreover, a couple of other healers had wasted their efforts by trying to do something with him.

A few questions and we quickly got to the root of his problems. He was so angry, so full of hatred and feelings of revenge that he was destroying his health and his life. The drugs and alcohol he had turned to for relief were only fuelling his negativity and exacerbating his delusions. Underneath all of the expletives, he made it quite clear that nothing was going to work. And you know what? He was right!

Do You Need to Believe??

It isn’t necessary to actively believe in crystal healing for it to work. This is easy to demonstrate, just by looking at the way it works so efficiently with animals; they don’t have a supporting belief system. While the opposite case of not believing, unfortunately, does get in the way to ensure that it doesn’t work.

Sometimes, in fact, more often than not, insisting on working on such a person can do more harm than good. A garden hose can act as a good example.

Lay a hose out, without kinks or knots, and water can pass through it without difficulty; even under very high pressure. However, if you put a kink or knot in it, the water can’t get through, or maybe very slowly. If you keep increasing the pressure or trying to force the water through, you will probably burst the hose.

Back to our young man; He has himself so knotted up that no amount of healing is going to get through and pushing the issue could well be detrimental. So I offered some counselling, along with my willingness to help him work on the bigger issues. But he declined, therefore making any attempt at crystal healing, futile.

Without Love – All Is Lost. 

People have to help themselves first. Without love – all is lost. Until he is able to commence to forgive, to begin to let go of the anger and move to a place of a little self-appreciation – no one can really be of much assistance.

No matter how skilled or how much you know about crystal healing, you are of little help until you have an invitation to assist. As soon as you have that, the rest is relatively easy and in time you will get results. Sometimes the results are almost instantaneous and bordering on the miraculous. But when you encounter heavy resistance, you are probably wasting your time and setting yourself up for disappointment, with a client who couldn’t care less.

While it is true that love conquers all and it will – you must ask yourself the question of whether you are prepared to be the one to provide it and keep doing so until a turnaround is achieved.


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