How to “Claim” Your Crystal:  Attuning it to Your Soul.


If you are a novice crystal-gazer and healer, establishing a sense of ritual is very important. You naturally want to feel as “grounded” and connected to your crystal as possible so that you can help others and heal yourself, as well. Likely you will want to know how to “Claim” your crystal, or attune it to your soul before reaching out to others.

While you are working with your crystal on your own, you are using your clairvoyant abilities; you are also raising your physical and etheric, or “auric” body’s vibrations; it’s similar to “tuning” a fine instrument – but in this case, you are the instrument – the transmitter; the antenna – so to say that you must be certain that you are completely relaxed and feel a connection with Spirit through your crystals is an understatement – it’s a must-have!

Sometimes, when you’re first trying to tap into your clairvoyant abilities, you may find that you feel you’re just not making contact or that you’re externalizing your visions rather than receiving them inside your own mind. This is common, so don’t ever get discouraged. Begin with a simple “instruction to yourself”, and don’t try too hard – that’s where most people find they “fail,” and then just give up. Don’t let that happen to you!


The Process to Claim Your Crystal.

First, make sure that you are in a very quiet, peaceful place, either inside or outside, where you are certain you will not be disturbed. Breathe in and out evenly seven times, breathing in through the nostrils and exhaling out through the mouth. Become conscious of your breath as it moves through you. Close your eyes and try to clear your mind of any thoughts. If they enter, don’t fight them, but usher them out gently.

When you feel ready, open your eyes and stare into the crystal; your eyelids will likely be half-open at this point, as you will be in a state of semi-self-induced hypnosis – but still aware enough of your surroundings to be able to control every physical impulse you feel. For example, if you feel you need to blink, by all means, blink! There are no “rules” here – except to just “go with the flow”.

Next, hold the crystal in your hand, about twelve to thirteen centimetres, or five inches or so from your face or whatever feels comfortable. Then just let your eyes lose focus; the whole point is, after all, that you relax and “see beyond” what is before you in the physical world – the spiritual world is right “next door,” so to speak, but you just have to learn how to cross that barrier. The energy will begin to shift inside your body; you may feel a buzzing or “spinning” sensation, and you may also generate and feel a sense of heat all around your body. This is a signal that you are connecting.


You’re connecting.

While still keeping your mind blank (not easy)! close and then open your eyes again and focus on the inside of the crystal: you may begin to see someone or something take form, but don’t try to analyse it; just go with it as it comes to you – some people like to record their early sessions because they may literally “forget” what they see, feel, or perceive at first.

You may also notice a sort of “smoke” inside the crystal; it may seem to be moving, and it also may change colours – none of which should be any cause for alarm! It’s just another sign that you are receiving direct visual information from the Spirit world.

To start with, you probably won’t have much control over what visions you see. But as you progress, always begin by meditating and doing your breathing exercises in a still, quiet place, and meditate also on what you want to see – this is a great exercise for future healing work you may wish to extend to others. You have to train yourself first, of course, so just clear your mind and start gazing when you feel ready. Sooner, rather than later, you will probably see what or whom you had mentally asked for.

Above all, have fun and keep it light while holding the crystal with as much respect as it deserves. You’re a team now; you’re going to go through a lot of give-and-take, so respecting the properties of the mysterious yet enlightening crystal is tantamount to your learning process.



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