How Does Crystal Healing Work?

How Does Crystal Healing Work? We hope this explanation will provide an easy-to-understand answer.

Healing with crystals is something that everyone can do. It’s convenient, and easy, as well as being inexpensive to do.

Fundamentally we are first and foremost an energy being and energy is the essence of the human body. Each type of crystal has its own specific kind of energy that vibrates at a particular rate. When you work with crystals, you essentially blend the energy vibration of the crystal(s) with your own energy vibration, which balances, transforms and/or amplifies the vibrational frequency or energy within your body. This also allows the crystals to help rebalance and re-energize your body on all levels; physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual.



How does crystal healing work?


Each variety of crystal emits a specific vibration and radiates a particular type of energy that corresponds to and works with the energies of a specific area of the body or with a specific ailment.

To effectively work with crystals, all you simply need to do is to hold them in your hand. Or bring them into contact with the appropriate part of your body or energy field. Or be around them by placing them somewhere nearby. Of course, there are also specific techniques, layouts, and exercises you can do to augment the healing effects of your crystals.

An important thing you should keep in mind is that your crystals should be cleansed fairly regularly. Crystals, as well as radiating healing energy also absorb negative energies. Over time your crystals can absorb so much negative energy that they become blocked. Unfortunately, this also weakens the crystal’s natural healing effect. Cleansing releases the negative energy and recharges the stone, returning its healing power.




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