Healing Power of Crystals  How they help us.


Since ancient times, civilizations have used the healing power of crystals to release mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical blockages. This same healing power of crystals can assist with deep-seated issues, passing on good health and greater happiness. Crystals help you connect to the Earth’s healing energy when held, or placed on or near your body. This leaves you feeling relaxed and balanced. Crystals have unique properties and energies to help heal different aspects of your life. They may also provide protection and shield against negative energies and unwanted circumstances.

Crystal healing is considered by many as an alternative therapeutic technique in which crystals act as conduits for healing. They allow positive healing energy to flow into the body and also move negative disease-causing energy out.

A common belief among crystal healers is that the healing power of crystals works more with the core emotional, mental, and spiritual discord that is causing illness in the body, rather than the physical illness itself. They may also help you feel more mindful and resilient.

Imbalances in your energetic body can manifest as disorders, ill health, and disease. But by taking care of these potential problems, you may ward off dis-ease even before it becomes evident and manifests in your body.

Crystals support our health by the principle of entrainment

Entrainment is where the energy of a stronger and higher frequency will govern a similar frequency of lower or unstable amplitude. We are highly influenced by frequencies as well as being highly responsive to the frequencies of crystals.

Crystals are geometrically perfect. They also emit consistent frequencies and are stable transmitters. When placed close by, they entrain us to match their perfect vibrations. This frequency varies with the different types of crystal.

Modern life seems chaotic and presents many stresses and challenges that can affect your general health and well-being. Engaging with technology is disrupting and draining to our systems. While we are easily knocked out of balance by the stresses of everyday life, fortunately, crystals remain steady and help to return our equilibrium.

Your body acts as a receiver; your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual systems are continually tuning into the environment.

The healing power of crystals will entrain you to the selected frequencies of your chosen crystals; leaving you feeling relaxed, rejuvenated, and balanced. It will help clear away any unwanted energy, especially stress. Will infuse or increase positive energies like calm and optimism. Increase your flow of energy and vitality. Dissolve blocked energy causing pain or tension.

Crystal healing is very beneficial if you are seeking a natural means of restoring and replenishing your energy and your health.

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