The power of great music grows “Classical Capsicums” 
Good Vibrations Grow!

         Good Vibrations Grow – The other day I was driving along in my mobile university (car) when I felt like a change, so I flipped over to the radio. I arrived on 4BC just as they were starting an interview with the grower of “Classical Capsicums”. Needless to say, this aroused my interest.

         You see he sells his produce at the Redlands Markets, but he grows them in Murwillumbah which is part of Byron Shire. Here there is good rich soil and plenty of rain; helpful for growing capsicums! But he grows these extra wonderful “Classical Capsicums”, so named because he assists their growth by playing music to them.

Good Vibrations

          But not just any old music, instead he plays classical music for them, usually of the Baroque style. He went on to say that it’s not just the music; but rather the vibrations put off by the music; and not just any vibrations; but the kind of vibration for the time of the day that makes them grow so well. In India they have divided the 24 hour day into 24 vibration zones and using the right vibration or tempo at the proper time further helps their growth.

The key is in the Vibrations. 

          Under this system, he maintains silence for about a third of the day; because plants, just like us require their sleep time. And who would really appreciate listening to music relentlessly all day long? Each hour then has its own tempo and mood; some are exhilarating and others are more contemplative. But the key is in the vibrations…… Good vibrations grow great capsicums, capsicums that are bigger, more nutritious, with a brighter colour than their fellows, and taste great to boot. Little wonder that he has no problem selling his premium-priced ‘Classical Capsicums”.

          Interestingly, he also found that ‘heavy metal’ and ‘death metal’ played to them does just that: It kills them!
          His story reveals that the vibration from the music sets up a sympathetic resonance that can be used to enhance growth or to inhibit it. Naturally, this is not just confined to the plant kingdom. Music can also control animal behaviour; as well as our own.

          The vibration coming from the music we listen to can be used to enhance our experience of life or to inhibit our experiences. Music obviously plays an important role in the environment we chose to place ourselves in. And remember the vibrations work on us whether we are consciously listening or not!

Interestingly, many stores are piping music in to further control our buying habits. Experiments are being conducted in the field of crowd control; also to keep exuberance from breaking into aggression. And who hasn’t been roused into a feeling of expansion by the rendition of a moving piece of music (good vibrations)?

Vibrations are also Key in Healing.

          Love those “good, good, good vibrations, something’s happening to me”.
          Vibrations play an important role in healing. We regularly play music in our healing sessions; particularly as this sets the mood allowing for improvements to take place. Often we utilize sounds from bells, drums, cymbals, striking sticks, or whatever, for their vibrational contribution to the healing process. Employing the power of the right sound at the right time allows for an increase in vibrations which lifts us to a whole new dimension, it is here that healing may take place.




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