The formula for Good Health and Overcoming Fatigue.


This formula for good health and overcoming fatigue came about in response to a request for some assistance from a customer, Karen.

On the 12th JUN 2021, she wrote via email:

Hello, I have just found & completed a purchase from your company. Many thanks. Go Australian Businesses.

Having tried all the doctors, specialist medications, etc., I now feel it right that I can ask you a healing question.

I had a disease for 30 plus years that has been genomically treated and eradicated. I am so fortunate. Some of the milder symptoms/effects of this issue were fatigue and migraine.

Two years after treatment I am extremely fatigued. I have virtually come to a stop. Now I am worried, as I am in my mid 60’s and need to move it or lose it.

I have medication for the migraine but would rather try non-pharmaceutical attempts at reducing migraine. The fatigue is my biggest priority, as I am pretty much doing nothing and I am not depressed. I know that I need cleansing or something, however, I do not have your knowledge. I would appreciate any suggestions from you. Thanking you in advance, Karen


My response to Karen is what I later realised is a formula for good health.

This response has been modified for the flow of this article.

Hi Karen,

As soon as I read your email, I immediately had an intuitive download, so to speak. In it, I saw an answer that includes more than crystals and that responds to one of your key clues, “as I am in my mid 60’s and need to move it or lose it”. To explain the vision, I will need to break it down. (Whether your 6 or 60 these key areas make sense for maintaining good health).

The Formula for Good Health/crystals
There are 3 important areas plus some side issues I would like to cover in order to provide the best solution for you. Before that though I am required to point out that I am not sanctioned to provide any advice, healing, or otherwise. However, as a discussion I would like to provide some opinions and ideas from my experience I feel may be helpful.

All of the things I will be talking about are about building energy, vitality and a zest for living. Before you know it, you will be past the “pretty much doing nothing” and into a happy participation in life.

Important area 1 in the formula for good health and overcoming fatigue:
Proper building blocks.

formula for good health
Having the building blocks to help your body grow, repair and maintain itself, is I believe essential. These are provided by mineral supplementation. I have taken ‘Fulhealth colloidal minerals’ daily for years, so I have no hesitation in recommending them. You should be able to buy them at your local health food store. There are also many other good mineral supplements you can buy. It is believed that we only get a fraction of the minerals from our diet that our forebears received. If you would like to know more about this, you can get a free PDF download on google. This link will take you to one I just searched, called ‘Dead Doctors Don’t Lie’. I have personally read this and totally agree with all that is said.

Important area 2
in the formula for good health and overcoming fatigue:
Safe and easy exercise.

Safe and relatively easy whole-body exercise. Rebounding is an ideal exercise regime that can be done at any time in the comfort of home. It is also called lymphasizing, because it encourages your lymphatic system to work well and detox the system. I must admit to being an enthusiastic supporter of rebounding, as I do it myself. An inexpensive rebounder can be purchased on eBay. I am sure you can search and find just what you are looking for if what I am saying makes sense and is something you would like to do.

All you need do is hold the safety rail and bounce on the spot for 5 minutes a day. Don’t be surprised when you find yourself dispensing with the safety rail and getting into all sorts of exercise routines. Rebounding, actually energizes your body and makes you feel happy and joyful while you are exercising, believe it or not! There are lots of helpful videos on YouTube. Some explain the benefits and others cover exercise routines from beginners to advanced, as well as for seniors. You could get lost in here for quite a while.

Important area 3.

Crystals for good health and overcoming fatigue.

Crystals to support and improve energy flow. I suggest a Clear Quartz point that you could sit with for up to half an hour every day (longer if you like). For this, I would suggest a larger one, similar to our size 4 or 5. You could do this while watching tele for example. Every so often give it a wash under running water to cleanse it.

formula for good health/crystals
If you can, sit outdoors in a nice spot that appeals to you while you hold your crystal. About 30 minutes of sunshine is recommended to maintain our health and vitality. Naturally, you wouldn’t do this in the middle of a summer’s day, morning and afternoon is best and don’t use sunscreen. You want the sun’s rays to do their job. Lack of vitamin D is causing all sorts of problems for people today.

Clear Quartz is an energy amplifier, an all-round healer and good guy. You can learn more from our article Clear Quartz Meaning and Benefits 

Now here’s a really cool idea that incorporates Clear Quartz and rebounding. Place up to 12 Clear Quartz points or tumbled stones underneath and around the inside perimeter of your rebounder. This way they are safely out of the way. This creates an energy vortex or grid and places you right in the middle of it when you are exercising. The results can be astonishing. But here’s the good bit, the energy output from the crystals will never be more or less than what is appropriate for you at the time.

Further, you might like to find a favourite crystal/stone and keep it with you most of the time. The longer you’re in contact with it the better its interaction with you becomes.

Wellbeing Kit and Headache Kit.

You might also like to look at a Wellbeing Kit and maybe a Migraine Kit.

Grounding, Walking and Fresh Air, play a major role in the formula for good health and overcoming fatigue.

And I know this sounds counterintuitive, but to further overcome your fatigue, start going out for daily walks. Preferably in a garden or park. It’s ok to drive there. If this is inconvenient, a walk around the block will do wonders. A friend of ours now walks for an hour a day, but she had to start with next door’s letterbox and then adding another one each day.

In recent years there has been a lot of talk about grounding or earthing. This is where we choose to go barefoot and allow our feet to contact with natural surfaces, like grassy areas, the beach, or bare earth. You could also do this while you are sitting outside with your crystal and enjoying the sunshine. This allows us to discharge the build-up of negative energy and take up positive stimulus from Mother Earth.

I hope you find this information helpful and if you adopt it, I would really like to hear how it goes for you.

All the best,

Karen’s feedback on the formula for good health and overcoming fatigue.

Jul 5. 2021

Hello Ron and Sue,

I wanted to sincerely thank you for your support and let you know how I was bumping along. Very well and getting healthier each day.

After 7 years of migraine treatment, including opioids, I have had one small headache. I was certain that was due to needing to hydrate. It is so good to not have this pain. I have my migraine gemstones with me each day (next to my body)

My blood pressure is reducing. Had been extremely high. I expect over the next months my blood pressure will reduce even more.

I use the Colloidal Minerals once a day and will progress to twice a day. Slowly I have increased my energy levels and am able to reengage with everyday activities. Actually, I had little to no energy for the last 3 years.

I have been unemployed for 12 months and have had two contracts offered to me. (I keep the employment crystals with me at interviews and when applying for jobs). Karen also purchased an Employment Kit.

The rebounder has been fun. I do 5-10 minutes at least once per day (I use the handlebar) I like the ease of rebounding. My knees like it too. I use the quartz points around the rebounder as a boost for me.

Using my crystals has assisted me to get moving again. The bonus is I have lost 5kgs. I did not expect to reduce my weight so soon.

Your suggestion of reconnecting with the Earth sees me going barefoot to the clothesline, enjoying the garden, walking on the beach, etc., I only put shoes on to mow the garden.

Karen now feels she has her life back!

All the above has me a happy little vegemite. An acquaintance asked me if I had changed my makeup (I don’t wear makeup) because the lines on my face had filled in. I laughed. I could not ask for better feedback than that my crystals, minerals, grounding and rebounding have combined to give me back my life. Thank you sincerely, Karen.


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