Finding that Perfect Crystal.


Finding the Perfect Crystal can indeed be a hard task and sometimes you just have to settle for second best. Or at the very least you’ll need to find a way around what could be a potential problem.

A case in point; one of our customers is greatly taken with a green Agate slice. It’s the right size, he loves the colour, especially this particular shade of green and it’s the right price.

But it has a slight imperfection, as he sees it. It has a small hole or indentation on one side, though in every other respect it is perfect; just what he is looking for. However, he won’t buy it. Instead, he is holding out to find a faultless one. Which by the way I have tried to point out to him, may never happen.

If it were me, I would buy it and enjoy all of its pleasures, while overlooking this small perceived imperfection. Then I would keep an eye out for the perfect specimen that I would like to own.

The advice at the heart of this article

In fact, this is the advice that is at the heart of this article; take advantage of the best crystal available at the time. At least until you can get your hands on the perfect crystal you are looking for. More often than not, you will get many years of pleasure and healing service from this stone. At any rate, making the most of it until you eventually acquire the crystal that meets all of your criteria.

Realistically the healing benefits of crystals relate more to their intrinsic properties, rather than their value, quality, and good looks. It is better to make use of what is available at the time.
You may even find that you never do find that perfect specimen. So think of all that you would have missed out on whilst waiting.

Fortunately for us, this was one of the best bits of advice we received from our teacher. She gave it to us when we were starting out on our journey as healers. This resulted in lots of wonderful stones making their way into our collection. Many have moved on and replaced with better quality crystals or stones with a greater personal appeal.

It’s also worth noting that from Mother Nature’s position all crystals are perfect.


Getting around a potential problem

You can get around a potential problem with a little bit of ingenuity, as explained in this story by another customer.

She saw a particular Clear Quartz cluster, that for her had some sort of magical appeal. She said it also had an inner glow. This was obvious to her, but not noticed by me. She said she loved this crystal, but again it had a perceived flaw. It wouldn’t sit down flat like she wanted, as it didn’t have a flat bottom, so she passed it by.

A week later she was still very attracted to this crystal cluster but also disappointed that it didn’t sit right for her. I pointed out that she could have someone grind it flat. She really didn’t like that idea as she felt it would be interfering with the energy of the crystal. It was suggested that she could get a wooden base made that would allow it to sit and be displayed well, but she wasn’t sure.

Fortunately, the suggestion of sitting it in a bowl of sand satisfactorily resolved the problem. This allowed her to enjoy the beauty of the crystal and also meet her requirement for it sitting down firmly on the surface.

Perfect crystals are somewhat rare and difficult to procure. Not to mention a lot more expensive than their less than perfect and easier to find cousins. But with a little bit of compromise and the use of your imagination and inventiveness, you should be able to find a crystal that is more than suitable for your requirements.


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