An energy lift with crystals and nature.


An energy lift, or increasing your energy with these natural energy boosters …

The other day I experienced one of those slumps. You may know the type and you have probably experienced it yourself. It seemed I just couldn’t get out of my own way. Not only was my energy lagging, but I was also starting to feel a little depressed as well. Let me tell you this is not the way I like to be! I really needed an energy lift.  

Luckily, there is a fairly simple and easy cure for this malady. A great way of improving your energy is with these natural energy boosters. Furthermore, and perhaps best of all, all of the ingredients are totally natural: The great outdoors, or natures healing theatre; A large old tree, in this case, one of the ironbarks out in the paddock, a source of nurture and energy; Two largish Clear Quartz points (any size will do), these are outstanding energy boosters.


The Method for an energy lift.

Now to the method: Ideally, take as long as you want to complete this exercise, but if time is short, use what you can.

Sit on the ground with your spine up against the tree trunk. Make sure you are comfortable and that as much as possible of your spine is contacting the tree. Hold a Clear Quartz point in each hand. Have the Quartz in your left hand pointing up your arm or towards you; The one held in your right hand, pointing down or towards your fingers. Alternatively, you may stand, if you prefer not to sit.

That’s the basic exercise, but you might also like to include some or all of the following. I find it much more magical and connecting if I take my shoes off and have my feet planted firmly on the ground. There is also something primal if I can remove my shirt and have skin to bark contact with the tree.

Normal breathing is quite acceptable. However, I like to slow my breath and consciously follow it, just like in meditation, while I am completing my energy lift.

This energy lift with crystals and nature will soon have you fully revitalized; and what’s more, from this invigorated state you will be happily moving on with your life.

The beauty of this simple energy lift exercise is that you can do it almost at any time and just about anywhere. I have even sat at the base of a tree in the middle of winter in the snow, appropriately dressed of course. 


A quick energy lift.

For a quick energy lift, or just to feel good, you could simply give a tree a hug. It’s amazing what a little time spent hugging a tree does for your psyche and your energy level. The same results can be achieved by holding on to your Quartz points and becoming present in the moment.




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