6 Quick Tips for an Energy Charge-up.


These tips are very effective for a quick energy boost when you are feeling low and down on energy. I’ve found them effective when I have been tired and in need of an energy charge-up.  In fact, these little exercises have often allowed me to keep my edge and stay on top of things.

Energy Charge-Up. Tip 1.

Stop what you are doing, relax and centre yourself. Also, do your best to bring yourself into the present time—into The Now. Now take 3 slow deep breaths, inhaling and exhaling through the nose.

1A. As above, however, this time hold a Clear Quartz generator in each hand. If you’re right-handed, hold the one in your right hand pointing out and the left pointing in. Reverse if you’re left-handed. (Just hanging onto a Quartz generator can make a big difference in your energy level also).  

Energy Charge-Up. Tip 2.

Find an area where you can lay comfortably on the floor and make an oval of Clear Quartz points. Tumbled stones may also be used. Set them out evenly and about 30cms from your body. Make sure one is at your head and another at your feet. If this isn’t in the way, you can leave it in place until you sense your crystals need cleansing and recharging themselves. Whenever you have ten minutes or so, simply lie down and relax in their energy field.

Energy Charge-Up. Tip 3.

Give yourself a chakra balance. You can learn how to do a chakra balance here.

Energy Charge-Up. Tip 4.

Sit in a chair with your feet (preferably bare feet) flat on the floor and close your eyes. Hold a Clear Quartz Crystal point in each hand, pointing inward. Relax and take slow deep breaths for about 15 minutes. (Even 5 minutes will make a difference).

Energy Charge-Up. Tip 5.

Drink some activated or crystal-charged water. It’s simple to make. Fill a glass jug with clean water. Place a cleansed Clear Quartz or two in it and then set it aside for a couple of hours. I keep it going by topping it up every time I take some water out to drink. It is even better if you can place it outside in the sun for a couple of hours also. I find the morning sun before 11 am to be the best.

Energy Charge-up. Tip 6.

Have your posture lead the way. Stand or sit up straight. Also, close your eyes and look within. Follow your breath for a moment and think some happy thoughts (even if you have to make them up). Now breathe in white light or energy through the top of your head and then send it down through your body and out of your toes and into the Earth.

Apart from giving you an energy charge-up, these exercises may also help to improve your mood. They can also be useful when we suffer from nervousness, low motivation, or simply need something to help restore our stamina.




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