Building an Energy Barrier as a Crystal Defence from Unwanted Energies.

A fence is not only built for keeping things in, an energy barrier is also effective for keeping things out. Some fences are built for security. Yet others for border demarcation, while some are functional and some are decorative. But generally, they all help to keep something in or to keep something out.

Nearly all fences are built to create boundaries and for keeping physical things, people and animals, in or out. More often than not, it’s about keeping us safe and protecting us from unwanted attentions. But what can you do when these are not of the physical kind and are more of an invisible variety? Things like the negative vibes of not too pleasant neighbours. These can even include destructive vibes like hatred, envy and anger.

An effective solution is to build an energy fence with crystals!

This is easily done using Quartz Crystal points. These need only be a couple of centimetres long and can be of low quality. In essence, you are griding your property or building an energy force field to hold out unwanted negativity. This is done by burying a crystal point at intervals around your fence line. This may only need to be done along one boundary, or you may need to surround your place. Only you will be able to determine the extent to which you will need to go.


Bury the crystals just under the surface, point up, at intervals along the fence line.  Ideally, they would be about one metre apart, but they can be as far apart as ten metres. The distance you place between them may to a large extent be determined by your budget. It is also subject to the degree of disruption you have to contend with.

You may not be able to inter them in the ground because of paving or something similar being in the way. In this case, you could put them in with potted plants placed at suitable distances. Or just place them on the ground. One lady I know put them inside hollow gnomes which were displayed along her fence line.

You can increase their effectiveness. Do this by charging them with the task of providing you with continual protection from unwanted negative influence. Also, direct that they work with each other in providing this force-field or protective energy barrier fence.

All things being equal, you should notice a difference almost immediately.


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