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~ April Birthstone ~ Properties ~ Diamond Meaning ~ Benefits ~ Healing ~


For all those born in the month of April, your Birthstone is a Diamond.

It is also one of the zodiac stones for those born under the sign of Aries,
between March 21 and April 20.


Diamond Meaning – General Information.

Diamond is the hardest natural substance and no naturally occurring material can cut or even scratch it. The Diamond has remarkable optical characteristics and mechanical properties; these combined with well-organized marketing, have made the diamond such a popular gemstone. It has isometric crystallography. It is most common and popular in its clear variety but also occurs in many other colours, called fancies, which are rarer and more expensive.

Called the “king of gems” Diamond has a perfect structure; as well as having unique powers of light reflection and dispersion. It is the one and only “10” on the Mohs hardness scale. Composed of pure carbon, the foundational element of life, it is crystallized deep in the earth’s mantle under intense heat and pressure. Its name is derived from the Greek adamas, meaning unbreakable, or indomitable, and diaphanus, meaning transparent.

Quality Diamonds are carefully cut into gems and for use in jewellery, while lesser Diamonds are used in industrial applications, especially for cutting and polishing.

Diamond Meaning – History.

Diamond was used during ancient times as a talisman against cowardice and was recognized as a “stone to enhance invulnerability”. It rallies strength with age and maintains the energy to stimulate unity and love of oneself and others.

This gem is said to be one of the stones used on the breastplate of the high priest.

Intensity is a keyword for diamond; it emanates more energy for its size than any other crystal. As an energy amplifier, it works well with any other stone, also enhancing its power for healing. It is one of the few stones that never needs recharging. Known as the “King of Crystals”, because it reflects all colours of the rainbow and chakra system. It is a stone of clarity, commitment, and communication that enhances prosperity, love and spirituality.

Unsurpassed as a symbol of wealth for thousands of years, the Diamond is a stone of manifestation, and also attracting abundance. As a symbol of purity, it will bond relationships, also bringing love, constancy, and clarity into a partnership. It is a symbol of commitment and fidelity and is traditionally the stone of choice for engagement rings.

Diamond Meaning – Metaphysical Benefits.

It enhances creativity by stimulating inventiveness and imagination. It will bring clarity of mind and aid enlightenment. Also, it reminds you of your soul’s aspirations and assists its’ spiritual evolution. It is a spiritual crystal, being also a symbol of perfection and illumination. Metaphysicians prefer using natural crystals to cut Diamonds. This is because the natural shape tends to strengthen and harmonise the energies moving through them.

Diamond crystals help to relieve fear and anxiety, as well as overactive imaginations and hallucinations. Useful for clearing a room before bedtime to avert nightmares. And it is also useful for clearing and cleansing an area of unwanted entities.



Diamond Meaning – Healing.

According to lore, a diamond clarifies and stimulates sight. Diamond also benefits the brain. Because it is a metabolic balancing agent, it counteracts the effects of poisoning. Raw crystals are ideal for healing by bringing clarity of energy to any part of the body or any level of the energy field.


Tips for using Diamond.

  • Hold or wear a Diamond to remain positive.
  • Keep a Diamond in the workplace for a congenial atmosphere.
  • Owning a Diamond may expand your field of opportunities, also in attracting prosperity.
  • Have one at hand to assist in relieving fear and anxiety, also overactive imagination and hallucinations.
  • A Diamond is helpful at clearing a room before bedtime and preventing nightmares,
  • Place a Diamond in an area to cleanse it of unwanted entities.
  • Add some Diamond elixir to a bath to help you re-energize.


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