Crystals for Loneliness and when you are Feeling Down


Crystals for loneliness may be of great help when you are feeling down, isolated or dejected.


We all experience it sometimes, those feelings of melancholy and depression.

All of us get lonely at some time or another. Actually, loneliness is a normal reaction to feeling cut off from others, either physically, emotionally, or both. But that doesn’t make it an easy emotion to live with. Learning how to cope with occasional loneliness is a significant skill that can greatly improve the quality of your life.

While it is always important to get help when you are going through rough times; crystals for loneliness can provide support.  Wearing or carrying a healing crystal with you is a great reminder that you are not alone. Simply touching a crystal connects you with the earth and its vast healing energies.

We can all feel lonely at times and there is no shame in that. Nevertheless, we all deserve to feel better — to feel purposeful, connected, cared for, and loved.

While loneliness is a kind of darkness within, let’s bring in some light with these crystals.

Crystals for Loneliness List:

Snowflake Obsidian is calming and soothing, providing peace and balance for body, mind, and spirit. It allows you to see your own divine beauty and to recognise your uniqueness and individuality. It can help you remove feelings of isolation and loneliness and dispose of your tendencies to become impassive or detached. Allows you to be confident, secure, hopeful, and realistic and encourages you to know your true self.

Mookaite is a good companion to have if you’re prone to feelings of loneliness or melancholy. It will help you achieve emotional balance while filling you with feelings of hope, joy, and excitement. Its grounding, shielding, and nurturing energies will keep you strong and stable, protect you from negative energies, and provide the care you need. Helping to sustain you through difficult times, it will bring you feelings of peace and comfort. It will help you feel whole so that things will not look quite so bad.

Rhodochrosite represents selfless love and compassion and imparts a dynamic, confident, and positive attitude. It reminds you of the things you love. Furthermore, it influences you to be a bit more upbeat and equipped to meet life’s challenges.  It allows the insecurities and feelings of loneliness to be released. Improves your self-worth and soothes any emotional stress.  It lifts a depressed mood and brings lightness into your life. Also excellent for people who feel unloved because of their isolation and loneliness.

Uvarovite will help you to achieve feelings of calm, peace, and contentment. It helps you get through periods of solitude without feeling depressed, abandoned, or lonely. It is especially helpful if you live alone. Increases your self-confidence and gets rid of feelings of inadequacy and reminds you that you are strong, independent, and self-sufficient.





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