Crystals for Hard Times and Life’s Challenges.


Have you ever had one of those periods when everything seemed to be conspiring to test you out? To see if you will buckle, or hold out and stay true to who you are. For several months now, life has been testing me out with one thing after another. But, I have access to crystals for hard times that can help me tackle life’s challenges head-on.

Can crystals help you stay on top of things, and cope with a string of things going wrong? The best way to find out is to get yourself a couple of them and find out for yourself. But in my case, I’ve found that they actually help me.

The saying goes that we are all responsible for the outcomes in our lives. Sometimes this is hard to swallow. It is even harder to accept that we create all our experiences. Furthermore, if this is the case, why am I doing it? Also, there is the possibility that life, God, or whatever is testing us out. Also isn’t it often said that what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger?
Now, I’m sure you have had a string of events that made you wonder, what did you do to deserve this?
In my case, I had a string that almost got to me, but thanks to my crystals for hard times I managed to stay on top of things.
Malcolm Fraser proclaimed “Life wasn’t meant to be easy” when he was Prime Minister. Yet life isn’t meant to be difficult either. So if you’re having a tough time of it, let these crystals for hard times lend a hand and make life a little easier.

Nine Crystals for Hard Times and Meeting Life’s Challenges.

These crystals can help you get through tough times and times of crisis.
These crystals for hard times will help you get through the big challenges. They will also help when you are feeling stressed out or about to lose it, and help to guide you through the chaos.
Importantly, one day it will all be over and you will look back on it and think, albeit, with a little help, I made it!

Crystals for Hard Times

Amazonite will help you when you are feeling stressed out in your situation, or by other people. It has a calming energy that will help to balance your emotions and energy. Amazonite also provides support, especially when you need to have faith that you will get through the challenging periods in your life.

Crystals for Hard Times

Bloodstone makes a good choice as a crystal for tough times because it delivers courage. Better yet, it builds inner strength and allows you to face inner or outer challenges. Bloodstone is also ideal on the path of self-healing.

Crystals for Hard Times. Bronzite

Earthy Bronzite can assist you by boosting your determination and resolve in the face of challenges and hard times. Bronzite helps you move forward by facing and overcoming stubborn blocks and obstacles in life. It is also good for grounding and keeping your centre.

Hematite Meaning and Benefits

Hematite is the go-to if you need to still your mind and stop scattering your energy. Its grounding energy helps to reduce anxiety while blocking out negative energies from entering your aura. Hematite offers the inner strength you need in order to weather the storm and increase your resilience.


Labradorite is an enchanting guide for getting through hard times. It shifts and changes as you alter and evolve as a person; helping you go through life’s transitions and easing personal transformation.  Labradorite keeps you from getting down and allows your light to shine when you are experiencing rough times.


Also known as The Tempest Stone. This enigmatic crystal comes in warm firey colours or cool blue hues. Pietersite is an excellent choice for navigating life challenges and going through personal change and transformation. It helps you to rise above the chaos and be calm and centred within the storm.

Rose Quartz
Rose Quartz

The Love Stone is always a good choice when dealing with stress and worry. Rose Quartz helps to calm your nerves and anchor inner peace. It also offers emotional support and comfort. Allow its soothing energy to melt away what is not serving you and also focus on looking after yourself.


Sapphire brings awareness and enhances your ability to focus your attention. It improves clarity and your ability to communicate both verbally and psychically. Sapphire brings you the gifts of joy, prosperity, inner peace, fulfillment, and beauty. All of these are indisputable gifts when facing life’s challenges.


Turquoise is very helpful when you need to get some clarity. It clears your mind and helps you see the bigger picture when you are facing any form of chaos in your life. Turquoise brings peace and calm and helps you relax, and release stress. It also helps to strengthen your faith during life’s challenging situations.

How To Use Crystals For Hard Times.

The crystals suggested above are possible options for you to try. You probably won’t need to use all of these crystals. However, feel free to combine them if you want. Selecting crystals can be done by examining their properties or by using your intuition, or a combination of both. It is recommended that you cleanse your crystals, as well as program them with your intention for the best results. You can carry them around in your pocket or a purse. Wear them as jewellery. Or keep them close by in your home or office.


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