Crystals for Dehydration – Water and Crystals are Great Allies.


Dehydration comes about when your body has insufficient water to function properly. Mild dehydration may be uncomfortable, but more severe dehydration can lead to potentially fatal complications. Hence the reason and role of crystals for dehydration.

Undoubtedly, severe dehydration needs to be treated promptly, but even mild dehydration can adversely affect your mood and energy. This is why it’s important to catch it early and fend it off.

The obvious solution is to make sure you remain properly hydrated by drinking enough water. This water can be further enhanced to do this job by turning it into an infusion or crystal water.

A simple way to do this is to add the appropriate crystals for dehydration directly into your water bottles, pitchers, and dispensers. In this way, you may enjoy the positive vibrations of these stones.

Water as a Living Crystal or Entity.

A new school of thought that is currently taking hold is that water itself is a living entity with crystal-like properties. Among the prime properties is its ability to store energy and information as well as acting in many ways like Clear Quartz.

Over 80% of the earth is covered in water, so it is probably fair to say that water is the Earth’s most prevalent crystal. It was responsible for giving birth to life aeons ago and through its vibratory influences, continues to do so today.

The Healing Power of Water.

Dr. Emoto, through his studies, educated us on how water can be re-structured positively or negatively by our thoughts and actions. If you’ve studied his writings regarding the structure of water, then you would be familiar with what water can do. Thanks to Dr. Emoto, we know that water responds positively to our intentions, thoughts, and words. Water can be cleansed through prayer, positive visualization, and intention. This means that water can effectively work with us and our crystals for dehydration to produce something hydrating and energetically replenishing. It’s hard to better a crystal elixir or crystal-infused water.

Dr. Masaru Emoto (1943-2014) was a Japanese scientist and water researcher, who revealed the true nature of water and how thoughts and vibrations affect its molecular structure.

There is a Difference Between Ordinary Water and Water Infused With Crystals For Dehydration.

It’s a fascinating fact that crystal water is entirely different from regular drinking water. By working together, water and crystals positively modify your water including its taste and texture. Both water and crystals have the ability to conduct intention and energy. Crystals can also transfer their healing vibrations into the water we drink. Whether your crystals are actually placed in the water or merely next to it, they will work together to create positive frequencies or vibrations that you’ll absorb with every sip.

Best Crystals for Dehydration


Moonstone – helps to address water deficiency in your body and boosts your capacity to absorb and seal in liquids. It promotes youthfulness by nourishing and strengthening your auric field. Fortifies your immune and lymphatic systems and boosts your energy supplies. Its lubricating energy helps to increase flexibility and muscle strength, also to heal and prevent harmful skin damage. Moonstone has a very calming energy.

Moss Agate – treats dehydration by giving a boost to your immune system. It reduces sensitivity to weather and environmental pollutants.  Its energies can improve your circulatory and elimination systems and pave the way for the improvement in your overall physical health and well-being. Gives you balance and stability. It allows you to step back and relax a little, whilst reminding you that you need taking care of too. It provides needed patience to handle your conflicts and can also help you heal faster from illnesses.

Muscovite – has a positive energy that aids the adrenal glands and the kidneys and helps with problems associated with dehydration. It eliminates anger and nervous tension, disperses insecurity, self-doubt, and clumsiness, and brings flexibility at all levels of being. It can boost your energy and brighten your life. Facilitates clear expression of your thoughts and feelings. It improves your appearance and imparts a sparkle to the eyes.

Epidote – is helpful for stamina, the nervous and immune systems, and dehydration. It has the ability to increase your energy levels and is also useful for strengthening your physical body.  It facilitates more complete assimilation of nutrients, stimulates the immune system, and aids in the healing process.

How to Make a Crystal Elixir Using Your Crystals For Dehydration.

Here is a simple four-step formula. Or you may like to refer to our article ‘Making crystal elixirs and infusions.’

Step 1: Choose the crystal(s) you want to use from the list above. They will be compatible if you want to use more than one of them.
(Normally you would research for the properties you are after and also for toxicity and dissolvability. If there is any doubt about a crystal, use the indirect method to make your elixir).

Step 2: Cleanse your crystal(s) by washing them under running water. Additionally, you can elect to then set them outside in the morning sun. Some prefer moonlight (the light of the full moon is best). Or you can smudge them with sage.
(You may choose to give so-called dissolvable crystals a quick wash if they are dirty. Dry them quickly and no harm should be done. Just make sure that you don’t soak them).

Step 3: Fill a glass water bottle or container with clean water. Place your chosen crystals directly into the water.
(If you’re using the indirect method, place your chosen crystals around the outside of your container. Alternately, you could place your crystals into a smaller glass and then place them in a bowl of water. Make sure the water remains separate from the crystals).

Step 4: Let your crystal water steep in the sun for a few hours.

Enjoy sipping or drinking your crystal water until consumed and then repeat the process if required.










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