Crystals for Children

Crystals for Children


Crystals for Children – Children – you’ve gotta love em! They really can teach us so much. We should be putting aside our preconceptions and prejudices and watching and learning from this generation; they have a lot to teach us. Now of course this does not mean we abrogate our responsibility to teach and lead the way; because our positive modelling is essential for them to build upon.

It was wonderful having our three-year-old grandson with us recently. Like so many of his generation, he was absolutely fascinated by all of our crystals. He also spent quite a bit of time amongst them. We noticed how gently and respectfully he handled them, so it was no problem to let him loose amongst them.

He joined us at the markets early in the morning. So we shouted him a couple of crystals and a lucky dip. Typically and like so many other kids, he got excited. Whatsmore his eyes lit up in anticipation as he opened it. You would have thought he won the lottery as he showed off his new acquisition. He also decided he wanted to be a customer. So with some pocket money, he got from his dad, he delighted in his buying spree. Typically, his choices were motivated by colour and sparkle, a very legitimate method for choosing your crystals. No doubt as he grows older he will make more considered selections. But you can’t beat a first impression and a bit of brightness and shine.

Crystals for Children are a source of joy for both young and old.

His presence at the markets acted as a reminder to us of part of the reason why we do what we do. Every Sunday we get to see and share in the expressions of joy from our young (and not so young) customers. Especially as they very deliberately choose and buy their crystals, and so many of them love their lucky dips. Their parents and other adults (you may well be among them) also light up and lighten up in the presence of the crystals and the energy they emit. On-line or off, we get to take part in some very positive experiences.

Unfortunately, some parents don’t understand their child’s desire for a crystal and gruffly tell them off for wanting one. Often we get to silently cheer as the child is told they can have a lucky dip. This is usually done as a way to placate them. (We don’t know what they expect to be in a lucky dip other than a crystal, at a crystal stall).

Getting back in touch with what’s important,
as taught by a 3-year-old.

In so many ways we got the chance to look at the world through three-year-old eyes, and what a glorious world it can be! Plus children can remind us of the important things and why we do them, as long as we are paying attention. Their questions and actions can bring us back in touch with what’s important:

Things like living in the moment; the experience of walking barefoot on crispy dry grass (we sure could use some rain); visiting and talking over the fence with the neighbour’s two brown cows; sitting quietly with a crystal; running jumping and yelling yahoo; lending a helping hand and of course, all of the questions that inevitably commence with ‘why’.

What was really pleasing was when he wanted a couple of crystals to take home to share with his friends.

One of my pleasures from his visit was eating green jelly with its mandatory chocolate frog for dessert. Come back soon Quinn, Sue will only make it when children are around.



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