Celebrate with Crystals for Autumn.


Autumn is a magical time of year. A time when nature is vibrant and in many parts of Australia displays the warm colours of falling leaves. Over the coming months – March, April and May we will transition from hot and sunny days to something a little milder and cooler. Cold even, in some areas. A great way to celebrate the season is with Crystals for Autumn.

Each season we get the opportunity to refresh the energies in our home. Now is a perfect time to re-energise and decorate with crystals befitting the gorgeous colours of Autumn. Maybe you might want to acquire new crystals with potent spiritual energies as well.

Let us share a few Autumn Crystals ideas with you.

Red and Orange Crystals are very popular due to their autumnal hues.

Crystals for autumn










Carnelian certainly fits this description with its fierce and fiery colours, making it a perfect stone for Autumn. The Ancient Egyptians referred to this orange crystal as the “Setting Sun”, because of its intense flame-like colouring. They also held the belief that Carnelian could energise the spirit.

Furthermore, Carnelian is regularly used in connection with the Sacral Chakra. This is the centre for pleasure and creativity in your body. So, to make the most of these energies it would be wise to keep a Carnelian with you during Autumn. It will also help you to fully appreciate and enjoy the season.

Consider displaying some larger pieces of Carnelian around your home or workplace. They can help to keep your passion and ambition alive as the long nights draw in.

Jasper is a versatile stone that comes in various shades, including marvellous shades of red and orange. It is often connected with the season of autumn, as well as with grounding and being connected to earth energies.

Jasper is considered to be a powerful healing stone. It has a slow, relaxed energy that brings forth a sense of comfort and the feeling that all is right with your world. Now with the heat of summer receding and as the evenings cool, Jasper reminds us that Life is good. It also helps to centre us, while providing support and inspiring tranquillity. It dispels both personal and environmental negative energy and helps us to reconnect with the Earth. Jasper in our environment, allows us to enjoy happiness and access inner peace and a sense of completeness.

Red Jasper is highly symbolic of love and passion, so having some larger pieces around your place could help to keep these energies flowing during the Autumn season.



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