Crystal for Dirty Electricity.


Dirty electricity is a serious problem! Fortunately, there is a crystal for dirty electricity that can help us out. One of our readers had a little more to worry about, as we shall see:-

Our readers question regarding her problem with dirty electricity.

Q.  We found out about a week ago that, unbeknown to us, our solar panels weren’t installed properly. This was a little over a year ago, and as a result, we have 480Volts of live electricity being “exposed” on the roof… I was talking about it to a clairvoyant friend the other day and she said this:

       “…Your biggest danger is with dirty electricity …Selenite all over your house, for one. Fortunately, it isn’t too expensive and it ‘eats up’ negative ‘ions’ in electromagnetic debris.

There is another stone, but I don’t have a Crystal Bible to refer to, to give you the name of it. It’s a beautiful orange color with a lighter orange to cream (a little brown as well) running through it. (It’s being shown to me). Any other stones that will heal, calm and soothe the “energy” around the heart and head. (that’s where I’m being shown the most likely chance of you feeling it being). There is a necklace I am seeing that is a green color; (like malachite but slightly different) that will heal, calm and soothe the field of energy around your head. Wear it like a crown, a few minutes at a time, a few times a day (especially morning and night before bed).”

What are your thoughts on electricity in the home and our situation, and what crystals I could get to help ease what might be happening? We’ve been sitting with this for most likely up to 12 months…

Our answer:

A. Fix the faulty installation! That is obviously your very first priority! However, I am assuming that you have done this. In layman language “dirty electricity” is a problem in nearly all modern homes. Fortunately, crystals can help to clean it up and of course, the crystals will give other benefits besides.

To help the crystals out and to more effectively deal with this dirty electricity it could be a good idea to include a Harmonizer device available at Geoclense;

Before I go much further let me clear something up. In this case negative is good. Negatively charged ions are the ones that make us feel good and are beneficial to our health. It’s the loose positively charged ions that need to be neutralised or cleaned up.

Now To the Crystals for Dirty Electricity:

Selenite would be the main Crystal for Dirty Electricity.

Selenite is suitable for what you are talking about. Just having a piece of Selenite in each corner of the house will achieve good results. For even better results, also place a larger piece like a Selenite Tower Lamp somewhere in the middle; not necessarily precisely, just somewhere towards the middle. This sets up an energetic grid to help protect and neutralise harmful effects. And at the same time, it sets up a positive energy (in this case good) field that you could loosely describe as spiritual energy.

To really do the job properly I would place Black Tourmaline along with the Selenite in the corners. Black Tourmaline is more grounding and protecting than Selenite. If you want to go all out, you could double layer this and duplicate a set in the ceiling. The orange stone may well be Carnelian, the green coloured stone with its references would probably be Green Aventurine. Both of these work best when kept in your work area. Or they will work equally well if worn or carried with you.

crystal for dirty electricity

To complete the program some Lepidolite and Smokey Quartz placed in your switch and meter box would go a long way to cleaning things up; both energetically and also improving your supply. And to complete the picture one of each of these placed close to your TV, computer and appliances will make a big difference. If you haven’t got them already, a Himalayan Salt Lamp in each room does wonders.

crystal for dirty electricity
Green Aventurine
crystal for dirty electricity

If you do all of this you will soon notice a change in the feel and mood around the house and you will have just about resolved any EMF and dirty electricity problems.




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