The Benefits of Wearing Crystal Chip Bracelets.

For the purpose of healing or protection, you can wear crystals on or close to your body. Wearing crystal chip bracelets allows for close and direct contact with your skin.


One of the best ways to benefit from the healing properties of crystals is to wear them. A very easy, inexpensive and effective way to do this is to wear a crystal bracelet. Choose your bracelet based upon the stones most suitable and appropriate for achieving your purpose. And remember it always pays to be guided by your intuition. Even people who have no conscious knowledge of the healing properties of crystals will intuitively select crystal jewellery that often has a positive healing effect for them.

Wearing a crystal bracelet will often affect your entire body and its energy field. Also the healing energies go to where they are most needed. You may wear your bracelet on either wrist as you prefer, however you may like to consider the consensus that crystals worn on the left side have to do with receiving energy and inner matters, with crystals worn on the right side dealing with projective matters and outside issues.

In particular wearing a chakra bracelet is a useful way to stimulate and balance the chakras. It will also help to maintain your body’s energy level.



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